Is this stealing? confused


is it stealing if I would get money from the wallet of my mother without permission because eg. she’s not home yet and I need to buy something but I have the disposition to tell it to her later?


Would it be stealing if I took money from your wallet with the disposition to tell you later? What do you really think?


Does your mom know you do this? Does she mind or did she say “if I’m not around and you need to buy something, help yourself up to amount X”? Ask her if it’s okay that you do this and then follow what she says. She might say for instance that it’s okay up to a certain amount, it’s okay for certain things (like food) but not others, or don’t do it at all.


why would I answer another question? I think I’m the one who asks. :slight_smile:


Ok, but if you think it through, I believe you can figure this one out by reversing the positions between yourself and your mom (or anyone). If you have money in your wallet, you might have plans for its use. If someone takes it without permission for their own purpose it messes you up. It belongs to you. If anyone takes what is yours without permission, they have stolen it. Their relationship to you doesn’t matter and neither do their future intentions.


My brother took money from my mother’s purse once. It was money she desperately needed and was earmarked for a certain use. I would say DON’T DO IT! Unless it was a matter of life and death or truly needed food, I would call it petty theft. Peace.


Did your mother give you a general permission to use her money to purchase things?


Yes. If she did not give you permission ahead of time, it is stealing.


I would say it depends on the understanding you had with your mother and what flies in your house. In some households, that would be OK, in some not.


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