Is this stuff even remotely true?


I happened upon this unbelievable hate site called “The Pope is a Dope Page” at:

and this site is full of venomous accusations against my church and it’s leaders. If you scroll down the page to the bottom, it lists “Books on Roman Catholicism”, which suggest that there was Vatican involvement in creating the war in Vietnam. 99% of the stuff on this hate site are completely bogus, granted. But I have a friend, who is a faithful Catholic man, who swears that back in the 60’s, there was a fringe element in the church who actually did have a primary role in wanting war in Vietnam. This site is the only other place where I’ve seen this kind of accusation. Is there any truth to this stuff, because my friend seems to believe it was true, and that Pope John Paul II had a primary role in eliminating this fringe element from the church in the 1980’s. Anyone have any info on this?


The burden of proof would be on your “friend”. Let him produce documents.

Also, it’s against forum rules to link to sites like that, I believe.


Yes, he did provide some books, which I haven’t checked out yet. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this stuff prior to me even looking at the 5-6 volumes of Vietnam war-era info he gave me. I don’t want to waste my time if this stuff is just plain hate literature, or actually historical truth. Mods, feel free to remove the link to the site if I’ve violated any rule. Has anyone heard of this “fringe” element?


Well, I really don’t understand why you even care if it’s true?

Let’s say you look through the books and there were some Catholics-- be they bishops, priests, a group of lay people… whatever-- who were in favor of war in Vietnam, or worked to help the Vietnamese people resist the communists…

My question is… so what? Why would that (a) surprise you and (b) what difference would it make?

There were priests tangled up in Latin America attempting to overthrow governments… they developed “liberation theology” which the Pope condemned.

So, again, why would it matter if it were true? What point is he attempting to make?


This guy seems pretty intellectually honest to me, although he has some strange views on certain subjects. He was involved at some point with an Opus Dei group - I’m not even sure what they believe exactly, and I think he’s not involve with that any more. But he has an influence in my church (parish council member) and I want to know if he’s coming from left field on this or is there truth to what he’s saying. If it’s all bogus, I want to fight him on this, since he’s spreading his materials around to people at my local parish.


That is what I am trying to find out.


Gotta like the music on that site :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it is pretty hokey. I think the site is probably doing more pro-Catholic work that the webmaster thinks. Sorta like if you have idiots attacking you with idiotic material, it almost boosts your credibility by default.


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