Is this taking advantage of the system?

so in the city where I live, people with disabilities can ride public transit for free.

but I always feel guilty about it. I don’t currently have a job now but when I do, I don’t know why it would be right to still not have to pay for it when everyone else has to.
fellow visually impaired friends of mine argue that it’s because we will never have the option of driving, which is true but a lot of people can’t even afford cars anyways

we’re also allowed to take one person with us for free but I know my way around better than a lot of people so I don’t need that either. but sometimes friends and family come with me and don’t need to pay but I’m not really using them to help me get around. I would be perfectly fine on my own.

what do you guys think? is it wrong to accept this kind of charitable service when you don’t necessarily need it or can pay for it yourself? there’s no specification by the government, as long as you have a certified card that says you are disabled, you’re eligible so it doen’st depend on income.

the city seems perfectly happy to provide the service so maybe I’m overthinking, I really dont’ know

Given some of your other posts which have a scrupulous tone, I would say that yes, you are overthinking. Are you eligible to ride? Then don’t feel guilty. I didn’t see a single reason for you not to use this service.

You should speak to a priest about your guilt about these sorts of things, especially if scrupulosity is an issue. Asking strangers online will net you a thousand contradictory opinions that will only further add to your worry.

You are in my prayers.


IMO, you’re overthinking it. The service is offered, you have the documentation, it’s fine.

When I was in grad school I had a transit pass thanks to an agreement between the transit authority and school. Yes, I used the pass to get to and from classes, but I also used it for social events or errands that had nothing to do with my being a student. There were no conditions about usage - just, I’m a student, I get the pass.

There’s no sin here.

Yep, overthinking it. Taking advantage would mean you did not have a handicap, but faked one to ride for free. God Bless.

If you have the money, go ahead & pay, if that relieves your guilt. One day you may not be able to pay, & it will be a blessing that you have that program in your city. God bless!

You really need to talk to your priest.

Be thankful that you have such a service. Where I am, those with disability get a reduced fare pass. And during the month of November Veterans, those with a VA card, get to ride for free. Do I take advantage of that? You bet!! Yes I can afford the reduced fare pass, but it’s nice to be able to ride that one month for free. That gives me the extra money to buy something I otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

OP, you could always consider giving any money you save to a charity.

No I don’t think it is taking advantage of the system. I see this as similar to senior discounts. Should a senior citizen who is entitled to a discount pay full price just because he/she can afford to pay full price? No way.

If you really feel guilty, then do something to help others. That way you’ll feel like you’re giving something in return.

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