Is this taking the name of the Lord in vain?

So I often say things like “Good lord” and “holy cr*p” and I’m wondering if maybe I need to stop doing that

Ask yourself if St Francis or Our Lady would use language like that?
Can you picture Jesus as a child, spilling a glass of milk, and St Joseph saying something along those lines?
Probably not,.
I struggle with that myself. I think we should both work on stopping.
After all St Paul says “in everything give thanks”, which includes events which are troubling or annoying.

IMHO, “Good God” would be taking God’s name in vain. I am not sure about “Good Lord”, but I tend to think that “Good Lord” might be borderline OK.

I struggle with this myself. By struggle I mean I tend to say things I don’t think I should, but also wonder if some things I say aren’t actually bad. I tend to say ‘Oh Lord’ or ‘Lord’. Sometimes it might be in a more prayerful sense, asking for help for the situations or news, but sometimes it is just a thoughtless utterance. If you include minced oaths I have a worse problem.

I’m curious as to your reasoning? In a straightforward sense ‘God’ isn’t God’s name. I don’t think the commandment is limited to just God’s name. I think it would also apply to titles and descriptive nouns. So I would think ‘Good God’ and ‘Good Lord’ would be the same.

Lord can refer to a British Lord.

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