Is this the end of Christian Britain? Majority of white adults say they have no religion and the number is set to rise


*]Some 46% of adults have no religion while 42% are Christian, study shows
*]Among the under 40s, 56% are non-religious and 31% are Christian
*]Could be due to growing gap between church leaders and believers


The Church of England has been imploding for decades now; it’s kinda sad to watch. :frowning:


Its sad, today I saw another local church had closed its doors (this one was Methodist). In my town, I can think of at least 6 churches that have been demolished or turned to other use since I was a child, of almost all denominations.


When they hit rock bottom, they’ll come back. HOPEFULLY !! Let’s keep them in our prayers as well as America, were heading in the same direction pretty fast! God Bless, Memaw


From the article:

She said: 'It used to be quite common for people to identify as Church of England simply because they were English, but now they’re more to think of themselves as having no religion.’
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As national identity erodes, it seems so too does the Faith. The last three centuries of Western history haven’t helped. Rationalism, Naturalism, and Materialism have hollowed out the West spiritually. Marxist class ideas are pushed in school, and material prosperity means that few feel the need to look for God. The Church rebuilt Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, it may be that a similar event is now happening. Never lose faith.


Yes, it’s true that Christianity is starting to disappear in this country, but I suspect this had already started to happen long before it became obvious. I see this as a warning to the U.S. and other Christian nations that are trying to resist Materialist philosophy.

On a happier note, one of the fastest growing places for Christianity right now is China, which may soon contain more Christians than anywhere else in the world.

I also like this info about of the ratio of Christians © to non-Christians (NC) in the world

1C to 360 NC (100 AD)
1C to 220 NC (1000 AD)
1C to 69 NC (1500 AD)
1C to 27 NC (1900 AD)
1C to 21NC (1950 AD)
1C to 11 NC (1980 AD)
1C to 7 NC (1989 AD)

As you can see, historically speaking, this is actually a pretty good time in history for Christianity. (Figures taken from *On Guard for Students *by William Lane Craig.)


I have noticed, over the decades,that clergy don’t necessarily believe in God either–no matter what words they mouth. Their fingers seemed to be crossed behind their backs. It’s not likely they will pass on a faith they don’t have.


China has had the highest Christian population for many years.


Why do you think that?


When England returns to Walsingham, Our Lady will return to England "
A prophecy or promise given by Pope Leo X111 in 1893, around the time
he asked the English Bishops to consecrate England to Mary, the Mother of God,
under the ancient title of ’ England, Our Lady’s Dowry ’
Dowry, meaning gift or donation
Walsingham , Rome, Compostella and Jerusalem were the four great
medieval pilgrimage shrines
Walsingham was the only one dedicated to Our Lady


Christianity is declining rapidly in Western Europe, at the same as it is growing rapidly in Asia and Africa, as well as staying relatively stable in parts of Eastern Europe and the U.S. (where secularization is occurring but much less aggressively).

We live in strange times. The birth rate in Western Europe is also going down. We have a serious demographic problem, in that if current rates continue we will probably end up negligible on the world stage. Add to that the migrant crisis, the rise of populist movements…

Yes, we need to pray for Europe and not just for its loss of faith.


Actually it’s a lot more complicated than that… In fact whilst Christianity is continuing to decline generally in Western Europe (though the Catholic Church is holding steady in most countries), the rate of decline is slower than it has been for over 40 years, and certainly slower than the current rate of decline in North America. Other countries in Eastern Europe, (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia) along with the Republic of Ireland are now actually seeing the fastest rate of decline whilst others (Slovakia, Hungary,) are holding up well.


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