Is this the path God has chosen for me?

three years ago my mother whom i had been caring for since i was in my 20’s passed away. in 2003 when my father passed away my mother took out a life insurance policy to pay for her future funeral expenses,and to give me a little something to try and start my life with. it was no more than 50 thousand dollars! when i collected it. it disqualified me from getting any public assistance from the state of new york [ stamps. medicaid] or from the federal government [ssi /ssd] i am disabled with medical problems such as asthma.diabetes. heart trouble.and depression.

my situation gets worse. the building that i live in. a three family home is owned by a violent gang-banger with a long record of arrests for aggravated assault in arizona. he lives in the building. under new york state law. he has all the rights and i have none. he can charge whatever rent he wants or even evict me. three family homes are unregulated.

since 2009 i have been trying to find work to support myself. so far i haven’t been able to find anything. i have no family or friends who will take me in. and i will not stay in a nyc shelter! a man was knifed for his coat in a shelter.

it looks like i have only one choice, and that is to become a homeless drifter? to try and walk on foot out of brooklyn new york and try to walk to a warmer state like florida or new orleans where i can survive outside living in some park? and im not a healthy person. i take medication for my asthma [advair] and for my diabetes [metformin] and for my high blood pressure [accupril]

i dont know what to do and im very scared. it feels like i have no choice and that god wants me to take this path, where i will surly die someplace out there:banghead:

Dear friend,

Check with Catholic Charities and also the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Check also with you diocese to see if it can help. You are in our prayers.’’

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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