Is this the right way to explain who/what God is?

When asking myself “who or what is God?”

I typically think of Creator, giver of life, forgiver if sins, etc.

Those seem like actions though, rather than descriptions.

I could go deeper and say that those actions are based on what God is, which is love, truth, beauty, etc themselves. Since you can’t say “I love you” and stay static, then love must be an act. Yet still, “act” seems vague sometimes, maybe even distant.

So, sometimes I go more intimate and ask not just who God is, but who God is to me - what relationship do I have with the act of love itself?

For me, God is the eternal lover of my soul, the one who made me who I am meant to be, the molder of my heart, my refuge from the darkness in this world, an eternal friend. I experience these relationships with God through three persons He revealed Himself to be - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which all share a unique relationship with each other, and draw me to be part of it through the Eucharist.

That is true; God is Pure Act. As He is infinite, He has no emptiness to fill, potential to actualise, perfection to acquire etc. As He is love, He has an infinite desire to share Himself with us, His dear creatures.

Who? Father, Son, Holy Spirit
What? God

:thumbsup: God is a Trinity of Persons. That is the central mystery of the Christian faith because it tells us about who God is.

Yes, we can talk about God in terms of his functions and what He does (i.e. Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier). We can talk about Him in terms of His relationship with us. But at the heart of it all is the Trinity.

Just to add to your reflection, how does God reveal Himself to you as Father, son and Holy Spirit? How do you distinguish them?

Yes, God is Love and Love is testified to by actions. This is how we are saved! Our actions are judged to determine whether they attest to Love of and faith in God. In turn, we see God’s love though His actions in our lives- Creation, sacraments, His Son, etc. This helps us to recognize and understand what we are called to do.

This is also why we can be asked to love one another. It is a DECISION to act in LOVE. We perform loving acts for the poor, the homeless, the sinful, the criminal, the offender. We pray for them, provide for their needs, and forgive them. These decisions are LOVE.

God is Perfect Love. He gives and provides for all of us no matter how unworthy. When we spread this Love to others we are PERSONALLY part of the saving Love of God!


Just an aside, but I am really enjoying your posts. You are asking very interesting and important questions! Thank you!


IMHO, there isn’t “A” right way–there are a multitude of such; and a multitude of ‘wrong’ ways to explain God.

According to Revelation, we can ascribe some characteristics to help us understand and explain Him:

1: He IS;

2: There is ONE God (and no others);

  1. He is Good;

  2. He has revealed Himself in/through 3 ‘persons’–Father, Son, and HS;

  3. He loves;

  4. He is Love;

  5. He created us in His image–therefore we may glean insight into God’s nature, by properly appreciating aspects of ourselves;

  6. He is the Creator of the universe–therefore, He creates (see #7 above–i.e., our ability to create things, is a manifestation of our being created in His image);

  7. He is personal;

  8. He is everywhere, omnipotent, and omniscient.

Things God is not:

  1. Non-existent;

  2. One of many;

  3. Hate;

  4. Impersonal;

  5. Inactive;

  6. Dumb;

  7. Unconscious;

  8. Limited;

  9. Physical;

  10. Evil.

My $.02.


Great question–I’m actually going to contemplate this one ‘off board’, but I thought I’d tip my hat to you for posting it.

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