Is this the same as purposely leaving out sins?

I know I just asked a question just like this, but this is a little different. So when I was at Confession and I had all these pages of sins I had written down, the priest said I could use it as a guide, but not recite it all. I didn’t look at the paper through the whole Confession because I knew then I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it. Does the fact that I didn’t use those papers, even when there were mortal sins on them, make my Confession the same as if I’d purposely left out mortal sins?

You really need to talk to your priest about this. PAGES of sins? Unless you have been away from the Church for many years, this is not typical. This also adds to my suspicion that there is more going on here spiritually with you than just a matter of a simple confession.

PLEASE make an appointment with your priest to discuss your prior confession and spiritual needs.

We cannot answer your questions here. We do not have all the facts. Go talk to your priest!

No, this is not the same as purposefully omitting sins from your confession. And none of us here have any right to judge you based on the number of pages you may or may not have had written for your confession. Please do, however, take the advice to meet with your priest to discuss any concerns you have. :thumbsup:

I’m sorry,if I sound uncharitable, but I read your last thread as well as this one. I think you are fishing about because you didn’t get the answer to your problem that you wanted.
You really must make an appointment to see a priest!

You didn’t purposely leave out sins.

But you really do need to make an appointment to see a priest.

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