Is this the sin of vainglory?

Ok first off, I struggle very much with the sin of pride.

Today, I met a music star, the lead singer of one of my favourite bands. Took a picture with him, and posted it on Facebook and also sent it to members of my family, to whom I related with enthusiasm about how nice he was and how he took the time to talk to me, etc.

As I posted my picture on FB, I watched the numbers of ‘likes’ increase dramatically minute by minute, as many of my friends are fans as well.

I feel very pleased with myself that this photo is so popular and I feel quite guilty about it. Is this vainglory? Please no pollyannism, thanks.

God bless

Let’s put it this way: why be proud about people liking you being photographed with such and such a star?

It makes sense to have joy over meeting your favourite pop star - if they do something for you to make you holier, or at least happier. And it makes sense to share that joy with your friends.

But is that something to be proud of?

To be honest, I have no idea what to think of this.

I guess I’m joyful that many people appreciate the photo and everything - not sure about whether this I take pleasure in the vainglory or just appreciate the attention

Ask your priest. We cannot tell you if you have committed a sin.

There is nothing objectively wrong with asking others to celebrate with you something that you are very happy about. Someone whom you admire spent time with you, you got a photo with the person, you know friends would appreciate the significance of it, and you’re asking them to rejoice with you.

When does this become vainglory? It’s hard to say. Have you dwelt on how people may have come to the conclusion that you are therefore a really great guy. Have you begun to think that you’re better than some others as a result of this? Has publicizing it become excessive, so that beyond the FB you’re going out of your way to tell people about it so that they’ll think you must be a really cool guy?

If so, there may be a venial sin. If not, then you have done nothing wrong.

I do not think so. As good as it is to ask for people’s advice online. We may be wrong. I think maybe you pray to God ask him, if you have sinned or forgiveness. I honestly do not see anything inherently wrong about this.

If you do not treat it as something serious, but just having fun, and treating it lightly, another experience. I see no harm. Vainglory is usually associated with a deeply seated pride, such as self-righteousness that has pride at the root. We all are subject to it, it comes from our fallen nature. If you put serious value on the event, then I would do a personal examination of my motives. eg. manifesting an attitude of real self-importance.

I wouldn’t be too worried.

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