Is this true about satanists?

I thought someone here might know… devil worship is not something I ever like to think about. But recently I saw a video of some young people setting a dog on fire until it died :frowning: this was linked on facebook. Anyway I found it realy shocking because I can’t believe someone would do that to God’s creation and an innocent dog. :frowning: well - I heard somewhere before that devil worshippers (maybe not all, but some or many) make animal sacrifices like that, or even human sacrifices. :eek: Is this true?? Also if anyone read the book “Father Elijah”, in it there are some satanists who (I think) burn a cat to death as part of their ritual. However, this is a fictional book. I was wondering if it’s based on any facts.

Hi, Monica.

You are right - it is really shocking and totally heartbreaking that someone could and would do something so horrific.

But remember, we live in a world that is rapidly losing respect for the dignity of all life. We are killing our unborn children, so it stands to reason that this kind of behavior will become more and more prominent. This is the culture of death.

Just keep praying. That’s the only weapon we seem to have leaft.

I know where you’re coming from, but it’s NOT true.

There are very, very, VERY few devil-worshiping people in this world. VERY few.

Most are sick, misguided individuals that use the “meme” of the devil as a kind of theater of the mind.

Satanists are a much larger group than devil-worshippers. The overwhelming majority of Satanists do NOT worship the devil (in the way you imagine), nor do they ever sacrifice ANYTHING.

The Church of Satan is a good example — there is no worship of the devil in the way you mean it within the CoS, nor is there anything even approaching sacrifice.

So don’t let the sensationalism fool you. Yes, there are nuts out there. Most Satanists aren’t crazy (or if they are, they’re not crazy in the way you’re imagining).

Wow… that’s sick. There are a lot of evil people out there. Well, they will one day have to answer to our Lord.

I guess I meant satanists. Because I think even if someone doens’t believe in the devil, if they’re a satanist, they are still (objectively speaking) following him. A person need not believe in the devil to follow him.

I also believe we should pray for God’s mercy for these people. :slight_smile: so that they would turn to God.

I think it’s all very sad. RosaryFan, I agree we’re living in the culture of death. The ‘war’ against the unborn is even worse than this,because those are human lives. Regarding animals, there is also something disturbing about torturing an innocent (or any…) creature that God made with love and wants to live. I have a dog so I can’t imagine someone doing that to a dog or any other creature.

What’s worse is the desecration of our Lord’s precious Body and Blood… stolen consecrated hosts from Masses.

Speaking as someone who’s come across Satanism, I can say a few things with certainty:

  • Satanism DOES NOT involve animal sacrifices. Anyone who claims anything else is simply lying.
  • Satanism doesn’t make human sacrifices either. Satanists actually have a great deal of respect for life, animal and human.
  • Satanism doesn’t hate other religions. A true Satanist, theistic or otherwise, would never consider burning down a church, mosque or any other place of worship .

A lot of the stuff about rituals and sacrifices comes from media hysteria and the likes of LaVeyan Satanism which many Satanists try and distance themselves from.

Yes, but just to be clear, the overwhelming majority of people calling themselves ‘Satanic’ are not involved in any such practice (just as the majority of people calling themselves Christian are not, but some are).

Frankly, it’s tough to figure out why they would be simply for using that name. Read our Holy Bible and see if you can find any passage where Satan has anything to do with such a thing. For that matter, I recommend everyone read every passage concerning Satan in our Holy Bible… I think you will find it surprising.

Also, were you able to report this crime to the police? So disturbing!!!

There was a report of an arrest of a couple in a town on the Red River. Neighbors heard screaming and called the police. The city police got there and heard the screaming. The entered the home to find a man tied to the bed posts and his wife was applying cottonmouths, (Agistrodon picivorus) a pit viper, to his stomach. The husband went to the hospital and medical examination revealed that he had extensive scarring from previous rituals. They were Satanists and he had built up a tolerance to this practice.

  Yes there are places were humans and animals were sacrificed.  The places where such  rituals were practiced  often are demonically infested and these places present a problem to people who buy these type of  properties.   There are certain characteristics of places perfered to perform these rituals.  When some complains of demonic manifestations   I often can describe  certain features of the property. 

     Normal people who come across ritual sites are reluctant to report to the police because people who commit such stuff are likely to have no qualms about hurting people.

One instance of an investigation of a ritual site in a rural setting resulted in finding children being kept in a chicken coop. The cult members had fled leaving these children behind. Many serial killers are Satanists.

    And  I am well aware of your "friendly"  garden type Satanists who say that they don't  sacrifice animals and babies but just have some "fun" and that they don't present a problem.  

   Now  I don't believe that there are Satanists behind every tree and that such practices  are prevalent.  However, such things do exist.   The exorcism of  places where occult rituals were performed  are very trying and some places remain infested.  How common are infestations?  Enough that the real estate laws of some states  have clauses about  "psychologically impacted" homes and buildings in contracts.  

   There are people here in this forum that have had or going through such problems presently.  However,  I urge that they pray about writing about this.  This is kind of like stirring up manure.  It stinks and it can get on you. 

    We should  include in our daily prayer routines prayers such as the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel  as  Pope Leo XIII penned it in it's entirety or the original version.   This prayer contains direct quotes from the Bible and  prophecy from a vision St. Francis of Assisi had two weeks before he died.

yes, actually most satanists dont even believe in God or the devil. they are actually just atheists who follow the satanists as a cult of personality. it was started by Anton Levay (i hope thats spelled correctly). yes, there are spiritual satanists who actually do worship the devil, but as you said there are very few of them in the world.

I would stay away from doing any kind of reading or researching about satanists, but yes they do, do very sick things, even to the point of murdering newborn babies, my suggestion is to just stay away from reading or focusing on any of this stuff and just pray for reparation for the sins committed against Jesus Sacred Heart and Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

   Amen to that.  Also remember that the lines of Souls being drawn into the camps of  Heaven & Hell. There is no middle ground.  You are either in God's Camp or in Satan's camp.

   You can only serve one master.  You have to make a Choice. We all have to make a Choice  to serve God or not.

Remember that satan hates everything that goes against Jesus or his church or anything thats is close to God. So he does everything that contradicts his church. Sometimes people do what they think is satinist and burn dog, cats, they’ll exsume (sp) bodies from the cementary. All because they read or saw a special on tv, then go out and do it. And the por creatures suffer in vain. Then they those that do, do black mass, orgies what have you. They really don’t want to attract people, or the media so you hardly see or hear from them they go underground and hold thier meetings in secret. So, the people that think they know are probably are the one’s that hurt more innocent creatures then the latter.
Please don’t take this as face value, it’s just my own research.

God bless

jesus g

That’s really sick, I don’t doubt that there are people like that in the world but I would avoid looking/thinking about such things. :frowning: I find it very polluting to think about.

Yes there are people who make sacrifices of innocent beings, human and animal, and they don’t necessarily call themselves satanists or even believe in that, though some might. But they believe the rituals have some power and certainly aren’t serving God…

     If one doesn't serve God, who do they serve?

My point exactly. If you don’t intend to serve Satan, but are actively going against God, you are still serving the devil

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