Is this true?!

I read this and was wondering if this quote was true…

“Mission experts estimate there are some 2 billion people in these countries who’ve never heard of Christianity.”

If this is true… What are we doing about this? What can we do about this?

Good question. Evangelical Protestants seem to be the ones doing the missionary work among Muslims, rather than Catholics and Orthodox; the single exception that comes to mind is Father Zakariya Boutros, a Copt. Those converted by these missionaries would have no better access to the sacraments as evangelicals than as Muslims…

Don’t misconsture what I’m about to say as complete truth… That being said, I think in many parts of the world (especially in Muslim areas) anyone who is a Catholic has a huge red target on his head. Interestingly, Catholics and Muslims will stand alongside each other in world affairs such as the battle against abortion rights. But, in the villiages and cities, Catholic churches are burned down, and Catholic people are mowed down with bombs and guns, forced out of their homes and towns.

I tend to believe Protestants have an easier time reaching and converting Muslims, as they do with atheists and others. I say this because converting to the Catholic Church is not as simple as “yeah sure, when do you wanna come in and be baptized and sign up?” It’s a long, prayerful process. It’s vocational. Someone off the street is more likely going to because a Baptist before a Catholic, because, you know how self-righteous and religious those Catholics are with their statues, beads, and kneeling!

Just thought I’d share with you some thoughts (and some sarcasm) :smiley:

God’s peace and love be with you…

This comes from my personal experience as a Catholic but it seem to me Catholics are rather shy about their religion and does not evangelize much. Protestants and Muslims aren’t like that. They are ostentatious about their faith and share it with pretty much everyone. Given the fact it is not surprising that these religions are growing. Catholics shoud be more evangelical and we should stop treating religion as a kind of tradition and more as a love affair.

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Actually, I think the ‘shyness’ of our religion is an advantage when you take into consideration that the religion hotly opposed by Neo-Atheists is usually either Islam or evangelical/Protestant Christianity. >:\

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