Is this true???

Is this true? I saw it on some website, didn’t know what to think of it… “The Father will love us in the same proportion as we love Jesus Christ.”

The Father’s love is infinite and we, being human and flawed, can never love Jesus perfectly as he deserves. The Father loves us so much He sacrifice His only begotten Son to save us even though we sin and are helpless. So unless there is a theologically based argument that proves I am incorrect, I do not think it’s true.

Websites are only as reliable as the author. If you do not know the author, beware of any fact or opinion offered.

I don’t know about that particular formulation but I know that people have different degrees of glory in heaven. St. Teresa of Avila said she would suffer til the end of the world to attain to one degree higher of glory in heaven. If someone loves and suffers for God more then they will be higher in heaven. I think that would mean that those people have a greater capacity to love God and be filled by God. So, it is the same sort of concept. For example, I absolutely think that Our Lady is loved by God more than I am, simply because as she is the greatest creature, she has the capacity to be FULL of grace and love and everything else, and I don’t have that capacity, I have a smaller capacity. That’s not a bad thing though. It’s like how someone is smarter than you or more good looking or whatever…I suppose you could be jealous about it, but it is still something that must be accepted as what God wills and how He chose to make you and the other person. Of course, in heaven, there will be no jealousy or bad feelings. Plus, I think we will get to enjoy a reflected glory from the higher saints so we will participate in that way, just not directly as highly as they do.

I think God loves us all the same, the way a good parent loves all of their children the same even though God may love some people in a different way and give them special honor or grace. He loves us with a perfect love. But doing different things for and with a person doesn’t mean more love. Think of the story of the prodigal son, the father didn’t love him any more than the other son even though he gave him special honor when he came home. He was just glad he came back home. The other son thought it meant he loved the other son more. God may do different things for and with us all, but He doesn’t love any of us any more than others. We’re all His children. :thumbsup: We don’t earn God’s love or earn more love from God by things we do.

No, it is utter nonsense.

God IS love. He cannot love “in degrees.” He cannot love one person more or less than another. We can do that, because we HAVE love. But God IS love. God’s love is perfect. His nature is that what he loves, he loves perfectly - nothing is held back. There are things that even God is incapable of doing, and loving imperfectly is one of those things.

Is it possible that rewards will be in proportion to our works and how much we love God and desire to do His will, as opposed to love, per se?

No this is not true…

God’s Love for us is not dependent on our love for Christ. God even loves the worst sinner.

Read Mt 5:43-48.


I googled this phrase to see would come up. I found it here on a site called It’s in the introduction for a novena to the Sacred Heart and cites John 16:27 as the basis for the statement.
[bibledrb]John 16:27[/bibledrb]

Lol that may be where I found it as well.

Exactly. Different rewards is totally separate from and has nothing to do with how much He loves us. :thumbsup:

No that is not true.

If This were the case he would kill us all (as crazy as that sounds) because we have killed Christ with our wickedness.

The Entire point of the salvation history is that God is a good and loving father who does not abandon in us in our wayward sin.

The only thing one could maybe interpret that is true out of this is that God will reward those who love Christ in a correlating way.

God will acknowledge and reward those who do things that are above and beyond, He will take notice and show He appreciates things people do and sacrifices they make etc, but it doesn’t make Him love that person any more or anyone else any less. :slight_smile:

There may be different levels in Heaven BUT can anyone really be
Happier or less happy in Heaven

I think anyone who makes it to Heaven will be more than satisfied with their
simply getting there.

I do not think anyone will have any regrets otherwise
How could it be Heaven if they are incomplete ?

Better to be the last in Heaven than first down below
As opposed to you know who… who wants to rule
Below rather than serve in Heaven

I bet he has a whole lot of regrets now !

Gods’ love is unconditional, He loved us while we were in sin. In Heaven , I believe that St. Theresa the Little Flower said that in Heaven the degree or capacity depends on how much we emptied our selves of self by self sacrifice in loving God and neighbor. She compares it to two glasses of water, one little, and one large. Both are filled , which is the fullest? The more we love God and neighbor the greater the capacity of receiving Gods love. He is Love. This why Jesus said “In my Fathers’ House there many mansion”

Psalm 26:5 says: “I have hated the assembly of the malignant; and with the wicked I will not sit.” God feels this way about evildoers (those who obviously don’t love his Son) – He does not feel this way about those who follow his commands/love His Son Jesus. So, if we don’t follow God’s commands, that is, if we don’t love Jesus, God will hate our assembly and will not sit with us; but if we do good and love Jesus, God will not hate our assembly and will not refuse to sit with us, but will love us, like we love His Son. God bless you.


According to several saints, God sends greater sufferings (signs of His love) to His friends, so this tells me that His love, though infinite, is in one sense proportionate to our love of His Son. God bless you.

The love of God is transformative. By the grace of God through Jesus, the Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus we share in His suffering and well in His glory St. Paul states that we make up in our bodies what is lacking in the suffering of Jesus. (he is referring to the mysical body of Christ. When one member offends God, the sin is like an infection.

The love of God is transformative, That is as we cooperate with grace we become more like Jesus. We share in His sufferings as well as His glory. All the faithful are called members of His mystical body. Like the human body when it is infected by desease the whole body goes into action to cure the ailment, so too the mystical body goes into action to stem the desease of sin. So like Christ who suffered for our sins, now we become like Him by suffering for our members who have sinned. St. Paul says that we make up in our bodies what is lacking in the suffering in Jesus. Jesus still walks the earth in His chosen, allof those who are His adopted children by Baptism.;):wink:


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