Is this type of sorrow normal?


Whenever after I sin, I become really sad. I feel like I have committed a horrible offense and deserve to go to Hell, and I even get a desire to go to Hell because I don’t deserve life or any good thing, and I believe I don’t deserve God’s forgiveness. But than I remember that Jesus is infinitely merciful and He is giving me this chance to repent and start anew out of love for Me, and that if it weren’t for His Mercy I wouldn’t be able to be contrite and return to God.


Five Ploys of Satan

Doubt - Tempts us to question God’s Word and his goodness, forgiveness, and love

Discouragement - Tempts us to focus intently on our problems rather than
entrusting them to God’s care

Diversion - Tempts us to see the wrong things as attractive so that we will want
them more than the right things

Defeat - Tempts us to feel like failure so that we don’t even try

Delay - Tempts us to procrastinate so that things never get done

Reflect on these ploys of Satan, and if you find that he has darkened your life
on any of these counts, lift up the situation to Our Lady in prayer.

Somebody sent this to me today…looks like you could use it too.


Such guilt resulting from sin is a good thing provided it doesn’t go so far as believing you will go to Hell since you’d be forgetting God’s mercy. You did right to correct yourself by trusting in God’s mercy.

Though God’s mercy is infinite so long as you are truly repentent, there is still the issue of temporal punishment due to these sins you commit. While you are in this state of guilt or somehow feeling sorry for your sins, then the action of penance becomes more compatible since in this moment it will be done with a truer, purer heart. Offer up such uncomfortable actions as eating food that doesn’t taste good, some form of painful exercise, refusing to investigate curious noises, etc as reparations for your sins. Always remember to ask God to first of all forgive you but also to ask God to accept your offerings, keeping in mind that God does not necessarily have to grant anything to a mere piece of dust.

Such souls that do penance in this world are bound to be much happier than those that have to do penance on the other side in Purgatory.


Awesome list :slight_smile: I assume by lift up you mean entrust :slight_smile:


Thank you for the good advice :slight_smile:


it is fine, even good, to feel sorrow for sin. But make sure you don’t doubt God’s mercy or forgiveness. :slight_smile: make sure humility and contrition go together with trust/faith/hope.

great list!! :slight_smile:


Yes-I do mean entrust. The woman who sent it to me is in the process of becoming a nun and not only that she is working with a couple of other women starting a new charism, called the Sisters of the Holy Innocents. Check it out
It is a great list! I haven’t yet thanked her yet because that list cleared up much confusion that I have been going through lately. Another friend of mine always says, where there’s confusion there’s the devil.


Just remember His incredible love for us. He is head-over-heels, incredibly in love with us and wants us in heaven with Him even more than we do. Trust in Him and bring your sorrow to Him. He knows your heart and how much you try to love Him more and more each day.

God bless,


That’s a great list! I will definitely print that out and stick it to the fridge as a constant reminder. I think I need that sometimes.


My dear friend Eucharisted

Fairly normal. Not the perfect motive for sorrow which is to be sorry because yo have offended God and He is infinitely good to us, loves us infinitely and deserves much better, better than we can ever do. With no added motives.

That’s my 2 cents.

God is infinite and eternal Living Love. We should focus on loving God and His creation most of all I think. The better we do this the less sin we commit.

Thank you for your intelligent post, which makes us think.

May God bless you and keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thanks John! Yes, I need to work on my perfection contrition.


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