Is this unethical?



I experienced burnout several years ago, actually didn’t work for several years, but recently I’ve begun work at a low-paid job in the health care field, and this particular job I’ve grown to love. However, my husband and I still can’t make ends meet despite many attempts at budgeting.

I’ve started feeling better and motivated since I’ve been in this recent job and have started applying for work as a registered nurse, which I am, but I’m dragging my feet in re-applying for work since I’ve been burned once by it and I’m just plain scared of working as a registered nurse again.

I also feel that I’d be betraying the place where I now work since during the hiring process there I told them I had serious doubts about returning to nursing, which was the truth, at that time.

Are there any constructive thoughts/insights anyone has concerning this dilemma?


A job isn’t a contract for your soul. You are afraid you’d be lying. Your first obligation is to your family. If your only concern is that you might have lied to your empolyer. Tell them what you intend to do. Further more “serious doubts” doesn’t constitute a vow. I wouldn’t vow to any employer honestly.

Most of all put your trust in GOD. Whatever GOD’s plans are for your life, they will ultimately lead to JESUS, if you keep your trust in THE LORD. Be honest. Two things can happen, you’ll find the job you seek as a registered nurse and not worry about taking it, or your current employer may value you enough to promote you where you are at . …

Just advice, as you asked. GOD bless you where ever your road leads, but always choose the road to JESUS.


You told them the truth when you said that. The simple fact is, situations change, and our minds change. It’s not lying for your mind to change. It happens to us. Don’t let this stop you.

What should stop you is any potential health risk which this job may present. That only you know, and you should weigh it carefully.



What about a nursing job in a doctor’s office… its my little fantasy when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by work. Private duty nursing. Or if you don’t need to carry the benefits, a per diem job somewhere, so if its a bit much you can easily cut back your hours. OR nurse consulting, I have a friend that did some of this for a day care center, checking to make sure immunizations were up to date and first aid kits were stocked with an occasional in service on epi-pens.

Pray on your way to work and on your way home. Always thank God for getting you through another shift. Try your best to go as a servant of God… now I know sometimes that thought only will last as far as report but its worth a shot. Just remember even if you aren’t working as a nurse, you never cease to be one. The burden of knowledge and the routine of caring follows us into every area of our lives, you are already doing nursing, I’m sure of it. :slight_smile:

Peace In Him,


I don’t think anything you’ve done or said is unethical.

On a side note I don’t know how nurses do it. My husband and I just spent several days with our son in a hospital as a result of an injury from an accident. After I knew he would be okay, I had the chance to “watch” how hospitals work. I’d only been in a hospital before to give birth and for a few minor scrapes with the kids. Let me tell you - I knew nurses worked hard from my few minor visits before, but HOLY COW, after my last stint, I am truly amazed. Your employment and charity work are all wrapped up into your job. Of course you have burnout and need to reassess from time to time.

So THANK YOU for what you do, and good luck sorting out your employment.


Hello there :wave: fellow RN here to give her two cents…

I’ve been an RN for about 2 years and there were times I wanted to leave…the problem was I couldn’t find the right niche for me and was constantly stressed. There are soooo many different types of nursing that I would say just try something different. If burnout is a problem, take a low stress RN position like a doctor’s office or homecare. I did homecare for about 6 months and while I liked that it wasn’t stressful, for me, it was TOO SLOW! lol, I never imagined I would say that about a nursing job, but it was! but maybe, it would be perfect for you since you have been burned out already!

Oh, and you aren’t being unethical…what you said during the interview was the truth, but times and people’s situations change, you can’t help that! You are not under any “contract” to do what you said during the interview forever! Good luck and i’ll pray for you! :signofcross:


Nothing really unethical here, but it’s clearly causing you some unease.

I know that nursing is high stress (I was in charge of computers for a few years at a major teaching hospital), and you are a long way from alone in your situation. So, have you tapped into any help, advice, or guidance that may be available out there, perhaps through your Nursing Association? They may have plans, approaches, or alternatives worth considering that they could recommend.




Another RN popping in…

I totally understand the burnout thing. So when you’re ready, try something new! Like previous posters have said, there are SO many areas to try out. I’ve done quite a few things in my decade as an RN, and the stress level varies widely. Don’t be afraid of something new. If it doesn’t work out, you can always try something else. You’re not bound to any one position. Don’t forget that. Most employers like to get an applicant that has experience in different areas. Means you’re flexible. And no, you’re not doing anything wrong by not staying where you are. The time of the ‘company man’ is long gone.


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