Is this valid?


Hi all,

I have several friends who all receive spiritual direction from the same priest. He performs all their children’s sacraments and he is a very close friend to all. Recently I learned that he was suspended (is that the correct term) from his parish. He now is celebrating Sunday Mass at his home and all my friends now attend his home mass instead of their regular parishes. I am wondering if this is ok? I know home masses are done, but aren’t they suppose to be celebrated in a sacred place and with bishop permission? If he is suspended from his parish is he still allowed to celebrate the Mass?


Strangers on the internet can hardly answer this question. The only way to answer your question is to call your bishop’s office.


That would depend on the terms of his suspension, which in turn assumes that it is a suspension.

Just curious - why do you ask?


Curious, I guess. I don’t understand the whole situation. They have in the past invited me to his parish for Sunday mass so I am assuming they will invite me to his private home mass. I have other friends who attend a SSPX service who have invited our family as well and I don’t want to offend any of my friends by asking “Is the mass valid”, so I guess I came here looking for answers. Maybe I am at the wrong place. I guess I could ask my Bishop, but maybe it’s none of my business.


I don’t know whether it is valid, but if there is a regular parish Mass that you can go to, why would you go instead to a private Mass in someone’s home?


Both Masses are valid (presuming nothing else changes which would invalidate them). The SSPX Masses are illicit (against the law), but the Eucharist is confected - they are valid.

As to the priest saying Mass in a home, there are certain circumstances where it is permissible, as I understand it. Again, not knowing what the exact circumstances are for the priest in question, he may have been suspended from parish ministry, but not had his faculties withdrawn or suspended, at which point it would seem that the Mass would be both valid and (presumably) licit. If he had his faculties withdrawn or suspended to include the ability to say a private Mass, then it would seem to be valid but illicit.

If you seriously think that you may be in a position of being asked to join with the families, and are not comfortable without further information, you might ask the vicar general of the diocese (simply because you may have a hard time getting to the bishop). Again, presumably, you will get a straight answer. And if it were me, I would phrase the question in a way that indicated I was not trying to find out the “why”, but rather would I be free to attend a Mass the priest was saying privately.

It is a good question, and not easily answered without more information. I can understand your position.

And there is always a fall-back answer - there are just so many things you need to do, you wouldn’t be able to make it to the Mass (but could they please pray for a special intention…).

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much OTJM, I appreciate your informative answer.


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