Is this venial or mortal sin?

There were videos which are suppose to be funny but have sexuality in them and I hesitate to look at them because I might be aroused by them but I clicked the link but then I realized this and I quickly clicked back before I got to the videos because I knew that it was wrong. Would this be venial or mortal?

Why not ask your priest the next time you go to Confession- perhaps, like next Saturday?

I don’t know, I feel too scrupulous

Is it a grave matter? The thing is, I have been scrupulous the past 2 weeks for something and I convince myself that a lot of things weren’t sins.

If you agonise back and forth over such a question for more than 1 sleep then its called scrupulosity. That means venial. With mortal sin you knowwwwwwwww and the feeling won’t go away unless you keep repeating the sin and keep pushing it down.

One-time curiosity is allowed if you need to do that to come to a decision in confusing situations. God is not a big Border Security guy waiting to pounce on you for your very first innocent mistakes. Learn what is right and wrong by making mistakes in doubtful situations. Sometimes it is not healthy to compulsively avoid life for fear of sin. The act of walking up to the very “border” sometimes removes the crippling fear/fasdcination that plagues us in that area. Everyone is allowed one chance in new cases. If you walk up to that “border” and compulsion increases…that is a sign you should back off and find another way to de-demonise that “no go” zone.

Love life!

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