Is this video Catholic or not?

Would this link be Catholic or not? I am confused by this video, and confused whether to as this is dogmatically correct.
Thank you for your answers!

This is not a Catholic video by any means. One does not have to go to far deep into his “analysis” of the title Mother of God to see this.

In short, no, it is not dogmatically correct.

As ByzCath Cantor said, he didn’t even get the dogma correct! (The title “Queen of Heaven” is not the same as the “Assumption” :eek:).

On his Youtube page, he claims to have received a private revelation regarding the end of the world. Catholics are not obligated to accept private revelation, only beliefs that are officially taught by the Church.

I only watched 2:30 minutes of the video, so I won’t comment to strongly against his commentary, but my opinion is that he is a quack, and that you should learn from more reliable sources to start. The Compendium to the Catechism is a great start!

No way is this Catholic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering he says that he agrees with Catholicism on some points and agrees with Protestants on others is proof enough that he is not Catholic, since Catholic is essentially an all or nothing deal.

Regarding the video in particular, I did find it interesting that he agreed with Mary being sinless and ever Virgin since for most Protestants this is a hard if not impossible area of Catholic doctrine to overcome or understand, especially with their “sola-scriptura” views. I will say that while his attempts to use certain Bible passages to account for Mary’s sinlessness, I don’t completely agree with the argument he forms, though it might be a good way for Protestants that are closed-minded to open their mind more to the possibility, even if it isn’t entirely dogmatically correct. There are other Bible passages I’ve seen used by Catholic Answers apologists to advocate for Mary’s sinlessness that make more sense, but that might be hard to get their foot in the door with Protestants that are closed minded.

His argument for Mary being ever virgin is also a little weird, but again, it could open up those that are close-minded, though other parts of his argument are along the lines of Catholic teaching.

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