Is this way of praying the Rosary okay?


Hello everyone!

I’ve been praying the Rosary for many years but I’ve always been discouraged about the meditative aspect of it.

I feel a bit uneasy about the idea of praying Hail Marys without concentrating on the words so, would it be possible to use a scriptural formula like this: announce mystery -> Our Father (meditate on the words of the Our Father) -> scripture verse (meditate on the words of the scripture verse) -> Hail Mary (meditate on the words of the Hail Mary) -> scripture verse (meditate on the words of the scripture verse) -> Hail Mary (meditate on the words of the Hail Mary) et cetera?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Yeah. The Rosary is a private devotion, meaning that we don’t have to do it at all or even a certain way. You can pray the Rosary however you want.


I have been praying the Rosary everyday for 5 years. I still doubt whether my Rosary prayers have been properly done and accepted by The Holy Mother Mary.


Don’t worry- A mother still accepts the bad drawings of her children in the same way she would if she was given a Picasso :grinning: . Don’t worry- Mary accepts your prayer


Why does that make you uncomfortable? It seems to me that is really the essence of the rosary. The Aves are background to the meditation which is central. It is not that different than if you sang a religious hymn while doing the dishes except that with the rosary the meditations are themselves deeper prayer.


We have this tendency to overthink or to over-contemplate our prayers. Whoever said we ‘must’ meditate and dissect each and every ‘Hail Mary’ or decade of the Rosary? If you can and desire to do it thusly, that is really a wonderful aspect of your private devotion. As I personally, am not very saintly, I try to keep it simple. As I 'know the rosary and the meanings of each decade-parts-of my private devotional prayer, I generally offer the rosary simply and let it seep into my self. It is sort of like osmosis and the prayer ‘finds’ it’s way. It can be vocal, silent, or even ‘inteiglentsia.’ It can be the sub-level of me because it is a prayer.
Yes, you can pray the rosary your way or with just a reverent intent or desire. I have found that in different parts of the US the rosary is recited/prayed with slightly different variants of wording and it doesn’t really matter. I will pray it my way and the rest of the world can offer up the rosary any way they wish as long as it has meaning and reverence. After all it is a private devotion unless you pray in an audible group setting. Yes, I know. Not everyone will agree with me. Peace.


I have been doing the rosary every day (almost) for 9 years the way you describe.My wife and I have been doing it that way since before we were married about 3.5 years ago. I think it is the only way to go. Doing it any other way seems like cheating now.



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