Is this website orthodox?

Hi everyone. I found this website while browsing Youtube. Here it is:

Something on that website caught my eye. It says: “Defending the Catholic faith, exposing the false post-Vatican II Counter Church and more” right below the title of the web page. So, this got me to wondering if this website is orthodox or heterodox. I suspect that this is a heterodox ultra-traditionalist website. Am I right? If so, what group are they affiliated with? The Sedevacantists, SSPX, or something else? :shrug::confused:

Thanks for your time and insight. :thumbsup:

If you visit this part of their website, I think its pretty clear that they are not aligned with the Church as we know it today.

One quick glance at the website was enough for me. They call Pope John Paul II a heretic. :eek:

What poor, misguided souls.

Ok, thank you for this information.

Wow. I did not see that! :eek:

Even though calling the pope a heretic is pretty much all the evidence you need, Catholic Culture reviews the website and gives it a RED (caution!) rating:

Just in case you want any further details on their views.

Hmm, ok, so it is a Sedevacantist website. I was wondering who could put out such disgusting drivel as calling Pope John Paul the Great a heretic and calling our beloved Pope Benedict XVI a heretic! :mad:

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