Is this what we have to look forward to????


I guess if the Modernists and Charismatics have there way…this is what all Masses will possibly look like in the future…please understand, I know this isn’t a Catholic Mass…but after some of the abuses I have witnessed at some Masses…it is not far fetched that this could take place during a Mass at some point in the near future…lets pray we have a turn back towards tradition, reverence, and orthodoxy…Also, I know there is nothing flawed about the current Mass…I understand all abuses are perpetrated by individuals and not The Church…so don’t turn this into a “you hate the Novus Ordo” thread…check this video out…kind of scares me.


outside of the english she was speaking what was the other gibberish that she was spouting?:confused:


Who knows…it wasn’t a language…it was just gibberish…I think along the lines of St. John of The Cross, who would probably discount this modern Charismatic movement as not born of The Holy Spirit…but something else.




Yeh ! well if thats Mass, I’m the Pope, couldn’t see the Altar with all those bodies.

Reminds me of the Fr Gobbi Charismatic prayer group I went to, I had a great fondness for the priest.
But you know, one night at a prayer meeting, he said, when he first saw this, he was confused.

Then when the prophecies didn’t come true, and I listened to same priest speak like this, well I was out of there.

The Apostles spoke to everyone and they understood in their own language, I don’t think it was babel fish, and it made me uncomfortable, and I got myself out of there.


The whole point of tongues is others listening and understanding what you’re saying, not just rambling in jibberish and having no one have a clue what you’re saying. If you are mumbling in incoherent jibberish and no fellow believers understands you, you aren’t speaking in tongues.

I tend to think tongues was used as an evangelization tool so the Apostles could preach the Gospel to all nations. Today it’s not really needed to that effect. This is just my opinion.



Since the video in question is not of Catholic Charismatics, it should not be used to score points against Catholic Charismaticism. This thread is now closed. Thanks to all who participated in the discussion.

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