is this wong?

is it wrong to not want to get married because you don’t relaly like kids? i can deal with them for short periods of time but not much more. also, i’m more or a solitary person and don’t like to be around people constantly therefore i am not much of a relationship person either. people say i’m slefish though because i am not wanting to propagate my generation. i just feel that i can do god’s work more efficiently if i’m on my own.

also, is it wrong to want to work in a secular setting, ex. get a job at the university i’m currently attending? how do you guys go about sharing the faith in the workplace/school? does God have to come up and e a part of every conversation?

Of course it’s not wrong to work in a secular setting.

I don’t share my faith in the workplace, ever. Unless it’s in a casual conversation just for conversation’s sake. And I don’t want anyone sharing their faith with me.

99.99% of my conversations have nothing to do with God.

As for your thread about makeup and jewelry–it’s not a sin to do that, either.

You ask a lot of odd questions, angel1. :wink:

No, I don’t think it’s wrong not to get married if you don’t want children. In fact, not being open to life is an impediment to a valid marriage. I’m sure that’s why I remained single throughout my fertile years, because I prayed that I would never give birth to a child.

As for working in a secular setting, Christians must work in secular settings in order to bring Christ to the world! No, your religious beliefs don’t have to be the topic of every conversation but your actions and words are clear signs of your core beliefs so if you are in love with Christ it will show in your work and you won’t be afraid to mention Him (or related topics) when appropriate.

I work in a secular setting, have all kinds of people around me day in and day out, being in the resort hospitality business. When I grew closer to God and started going to church, I was a little nervous about putting a small picture of the Blessed Mother next to my computer on my desk, but I did…and little by little I added a couple more items, (a small picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and a rosary in it’s little rosary box that I like to keep near me). People notice it but never say anything. It’s not right out in the open, but you can see it if you’re sitting in or near my desk. Oh, and I have my Holy Days Catholic Calendar on my wall in my cubicle. If anything, I’ve noticed people are nicer to each other when around my desk, since my little “shrine” has been tucked in by the side of my computer. Could be my imagination, but I don’t think so. It’s been 4 1/2 years now. :compcoff:

I do a bit of baby sitting,and kids can be cute… Might have them when I’m old…
I think it’s better though when you can give them back,:rolleyes:

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