Is this wrong?

I’m on this messenger app and there’s a chatroom with ppl from a chatroom app I was on but I deleted that app… It was bad. Anyway, in this chatroom it’s ppl from that app, and one of them personally messaged me, and he seemed cool and fun to talk to. He asked for a pic and I sent him one pic of me and 2 pics not of me but who looked similar to me. He didn’t ask my age but in the chatroom some of them said their ages and I lied about my age , so he probably had seen it. He’s actually really close to my true age by the way. But, How bad of a sin is this? I am going to confess in my next confession, but I still really enjoy talking to him just as friends online. Is it wrong /sin to let him think I am a different age even if I go to confession to confess? Would it be wrong still to continue to chat with him after confession?

Those sorts of fibs are venial sins.

Now on to the real issue:

Chat rooms are dangerous, don’t send strange men pictures of yourself over the internet, and YES I think you should stop going to that chat room.

How old are you?

Yes to that. If this person is not in your circle of real-life friends, the fact is that you don’t really know who he is, how old he is, or what his intentions are. In that case, don’t send pictures of yourself or anybody else, and don’t reveal personal information about yourself or anybody else.

I concur with the above posters.

Further, as evidenced by the fact that you are being less than truthful with how you present yourself, you can never really be sure that the person on the other end is being honest with you.

That’s assuming this person is not lying about their age like you did.

No good will come from this.

How is it any more dangerous than posting on an Internet forum like CAF?

It’s true that I have never chatted, but what’s the difference? Don’t tell people your real name, your real address, your real social security number…:wink:

The only true danger comes when you agree to meet someone at the end of the pier beyond the abandoned warehouse in the middle of the night. And you go.

Fair enough. :slight_smile:

I think what struck me differently is that she’s already exchanged photos and divulged (albeit incorrect) personal information. I think the notion of a “chat room” more quickly calls to mind notions of setting up in-person meets than CAF does. So that’s where the words of caution come in.

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