Is time necessary?

  1. If causation exists, it exists necessarily (the idea of something causing causation is nonsense)
  2. If at least one thing exists, it exists necessarily (anything causing something else to exist must itself exist. Nothing comes from nothing)
  3. Time consists solely of a causal relationship between two states of at least one existent thing.
  4. Something composed solely of necessary things is itself necessary.
  5. Causation exists.
  6. At least one thing exists.
  7. Time is necessary.


My approach is much simpler: If it weren’t for time, everything would happen at once.

Time is necessary for stuff to exist. But stuff is not necessary, so neither is time (we could say the same of space, and, indeed, space and time are so wrapped up in each other that we refer to them as a compound word, spacetime).

Even scientists tell us that there was no time, space, or stuff before some 14.3 billion years ago.

Hey, I just used the word “stuff” in a philosophical statement.

A second thing is not necessary. Therefore neither is time.

(edit… A second thing is the start of other “stuff” as per DavidFilmer. Sorry David, I didn’t see your post :wink: )


Time is a measurement of motion. We measure it by one full rotation of the earth ( a day) and one full rotation of the earth around the sun ( a year). When we say the universe is 14 billion years old were say 14 billion rotations of the earth around the sun.

Time is internal on how we perceive the universe we see it as past present or the future as linear beings.
They actually say now that linking the quantum level and our level works when time is not considered - everything fits better together when tine is removed from the equation.

The rest of the universe if life exists would not measures time as we do.
If your not part of the physical world - no motion - time would not exist.

My thoughts on time - I could go further but am moving in to crack pot land.Lol

Time is necessary for the experiencing of life by our natural human bodies.

Eternal life has no time.


Can’t add anything to that.

Or eternal death or separation from G-d?

The same

Pax Christi!

“Twenty-four hour banking? I don’t have time for that.” - Steven Wright (my favorite philosopher)

God bless.

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