Is today a holy day of obligation?


Ascension Thursday?


It depends. The Feast of the Ascension is a Holy Day of Obligation, but in many places the observance of the feast has been moved to Sunday. If the feast is celebrated today where you are, then it is a Holy Day of Obligation. If it has been transferred, then it is not.


If you live in the ecclesial provinces of Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Omaha, then yes.

Looks like you are in NY, so yes.

Contact your parish for mass times and additional information.


If you follow the Mass of 1962, then today (Thursday) is a Holy Day of obligation. In the Ordinary Form of the Mass, and depending on your Bishop, the Holy Day can be transferred to this coming Sunday


That’s not how it works.

Liturgical norms of 1962 apply to the Extraordinary Form, but otherwise the 1983 Code of Canon law still applies.

In places where the Ascension is transferred, that applies to both the Extraordinary and Ordinary forms. (However, I don’t think it’s against the rubrics to actually have a Mass of the Ascension in the OF today.) But there is no obligation in places where the Ascension has been moved.

The obligation depends on the location (in this case, the Province), not the choice of Missal.

  1. With regard to the disciplinary norms connected to celebration, the ecclesiastical discipline contained in the Code of Canon Law of 1983 applies.


Yes, but just because she is in New York state doesn’t necessarily mean that she is in the Archdiocese of New York (unless she means New York City). Just a little side note! :slight_smile:

May God bless you all on this Ascension Thursday! :slight_smile:


Whether the Ascension is celebrated on Thursday or Sunday is decided by province, not by individual dioceses. The province of New York observes it on Thursday. That includes the individual arch/dioceses of Albany, Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York, Ogdensburg, Rochester, Rockville Centre, and Syracuse. (I believe that’s the whole state.)


True. But the Province is the entire state of New York. The transfer of Holy Thursday is determined by province, so the transfer (or lack thereof) applies to the whole state.


Unfortunately, in many places where the EF is offered, it is not offered today. I’ve also noted that additional Masses are not being offered in the OF either.


Hope this isn’t thread drift, but…

For my dioceses, today is not a Holy Day of Obligation; the observance is transferred to June 1 (Sunday). But our pastor has said it IS for our parish. He is having one extra Mass (beyond the regular daily Mass) but I can’t get to it on time after work.

Am I obligated to attend another parish’s daily Mass, which will not be the Mass for the feast but a regular weekday in Easter season?


No. Your pastor does not have the authority to obligate you to attend Mass on a day that your bishop or the bishop’s conference has declared is not a holy day and has transferred observance of the feast and/or the obligation.


From Rocco Palmo on twitter:

“If you thought the US’ dueling Ascensions was awkward, another example: in the Vatican, feast is today… in Italy, however, it’s Sunday.”

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