Is today's music really THAT bad?


The guy in this YouTube video believes so.


Yes, because it’s forgettable and won’t be remembered in 20 years. No need to watch the video.


Yes, it is. To paraphrase Cracker, “What the world needs now…is another pop singer…like I need a hole in my head”


In 20 years, much but not all will be forgotten. Come to think of it, much of the music I love from my youth, what I consider great music, is unknown to today’s youth.


I think what he said is true. Can’t even name any current rock bands. Had a discussion with my daughter about how everyone’s voice has a similar sound. (Finally got her to understand what I meant by that.) Most of country music is like rap these days. I rarely listen to the radio in the car anymore, I bring CDs or find an “oldies” station.


The major fallacy people fall into with this thinking is that they’re comparing the best music of yesteryear to all music today, before it has been filtered by the passage of time. People forget all the bad music that used to exist.


Music? Modern music? Let me put it this way. I’m pushing 70 and there are some doors in my life that I have closed and locked. As I passed through my teen years, i couldn’t keep up with professional sports or with popular music. Those doors just shut themselves. Other doors leading to 35 mm photography and woodworking also shut.

Doors opened to the internet, to youtube, to wikipedia, and to Bible study, and to giving to the poor.

Doors. DOORS. I see this BIG door ahead of me and it’s starting to open…


I couldn’t tell you because the only music I listen to are Catholic Church songs/hymns and concert band music with the very rare Michael Jackson song lol. Let me give you a few selections that really have been resonating with me recently:

If anyone ever wants Mass Setting suggestions, I can be of service… :nerd_face:


No we don’t. The radio still plays disco.


Rap is the worst. I hear it everyday at college in the dorm hallways, the showers, outside on the weekends, everywhere. Who knew blaring the same rap song (Rockstar - Post Malone) over and over again for hours is code for ”raging party with lots of cool guys looking for hookups”


Check out Revelation 3:8 and Revelation 3:20


That’s a good point. Let’s experiment. Is 18 years long enough? Can you name a band or song since the year 2000 that has the possibility of being remembered in popular culture in 50 years?


Well, way back in 1971, Don McLean did sing “the day the music died” Was he a prophet?


Garth Brooks, Nirvana, etc from the early to mid 1990s.


I think so. I grew up on 60’s and 70’s rock and still love it (I’m almost 70). Most of what I hear now is bland and artificial.


Comfort comes in the fact that the door says “LIFE” on the other side. But we must pass through to see that.


It’s all Auto tuned and ran through 30 filters anymore.


Wish I could give this ten likes. Whenever people idealize a past era of music or film, they cite the classics from that era that people still enjoy and forget that those classics endure because they were exceptional. All the forgettable garbage gets, well, forgotten.

“Attack of the Giant Claw” came out the same year as “Paths of Glory” and “12 Angry Men”…just saying.


These are beautiful, but don’t forget it’s not either or. There are some wonderfully moving secular songs too. :metal:


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