Is today's music really THAT bad?


“The Thong Song.” :clap:


Close, but it was released in 1999😎


I don’t really have a problem with any style of music but I think lyrical content is where it gets dodgy. So much “modern” (I’m including anything 20th and 21st century I can think of) has such sexually explicit or violent content. It’s normalising extremely immoral behaviour. What noises you like isn’t important to salvation, but exposing yourself for the sake of pleasurable listening to content that promotes immoral behaviour is damaging…


I agree, and not only because of the lyrics. It’s the music itself which is virtually non-existent.


To answer the OP. YES. To be more specific. I can still listen to music from the 1950s and 1960s and love it, with a few rare exceptions. The 1970s are so so. Music started to go downhill in the mid 1980s. FM had to go in the mid 1990s. Rap? It doesn’t exist. It’s in its own category and does not qualify as music in any way, shape or form. They can put out more rap for the next decade. It will never matter.


They’re still making music today?


( I know some will be mad at me for even mentioning this song and sticking into their brains, but…)
… like Achy Breaky Heart?


“I don’t like it, therefore it’s objectively bad!” :older_man:

Also, guarantee in the year 2060 your grandson is furiously posting about how the year 2015 was the pinnacle of music and it all went downhill around 2030.

Grandpa Simpson explains it all


Sorry, 1999


no, not really. most of it is just noise.


Fine, we’ll just have to agree that the Thong Song was the pinnacle of the last millennia and we’re anxiously awaiting the coming of the next Sisqó.


Before the thong song, I had no idea that so many women wore them.


See? Visionary.

On a serious note, the most ridiculous thing about that video (which I don’t recommend anyone watch because it’s beyond terrible) is that none of the women are actually wearing thongs.


Really, you consider that was the most ridiculous thing? Not the fact that he has the ability to do a jump 20 feet into the air while doing a flip and walk on the hands on all the people on the beach? Seriously, it really was beyond terrible


Well, I mean, I could do that if I bleached my hair that 1990s blonde. That’s gotta give you some kind of superpower.


Seriously, guys, I’m telling you: The Simpsons handled this question already


Now, I would seem to be the first person to talk about the superiority of music from older generations. Almost all of my favorite music was recorded before I was born in the late 1970s. 1950 -1970 was the pinnacle of popular music recording in my mind. Things were never as good after the Beatles broke up. But it is a fact, if you look at the charts for the best years, the top 100 is full of garbage, much of it long since forgotten. Now the good stuff is still played 50 years later and there isn’t much anymore that will probably be like the great records made during the 1950s and 1960s being played by younger generations, but lets not look at the “good ol’ days” . After all, people’s parents and grandparents were still buying records…:disappointed:


Yeah, back in the day a group might have struggle to have 5 albums, and somehow the stars lined up and they got lucky and had one or two hits that everyone loved. Today the record company decides who and what is going to be the hit songs.


I have to agree with all that.


Every time I read one of your posts I just think “this is the guy who actually tells kids to get off his lawn”.

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