Is today's music really THAT bad?


That is the big problem today.



False. False. When one reaches a certain age, it is mandatory to say it as long as certain conditions are met. Second, I went to visit a friend recently and as he opened the door, he said, “Get off my grass!” I was nowhere near his grass but we both understood the necessity of getting some practice in.



With the exception of areas in which the Church is growing, essentially everything today is “that bad

“The new millennium, golden age of…” said exactly no one.

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I am 40 now. I need to start getting practice in.

Lets talk about what is wrong with these kids today.

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I am glad someone still remembers the unique talent that was SisQo.

In 2000 he cleaned up with the Thong Song at the Billboard music awards…

Billboard Music Awards

  • 2000, Male Artist of the Year ( Won )
  • 2000, Male Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year ( Won )
  • 2000, R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year ( Won )
  • 2000, New R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year ( Won )
  • 2000, R&B/Hip-Hop Male Artist of the Year ( Won )
  • 2000, R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Artist of the Year ( Won )


Mediocrity? Not interested. Also not interested in no hippity hop.



Yeah… it seems like after gangster rap and grunge took over everything when downhill .



I agree that there is an awful lot of bad rap, but the problem is that it has been hijacked by wannabe pimps, drug dealers, and auto thieves. Factor out that unfortunate cultural association and look at the fundamentals of rhythm, rhyme, and storytelling, and I think rap is a very powerful mode of communication and has a lot of potential.

Let’s see if it evolves in another 10 or 20 years into something good. Then again, it may become totally cliché, like today’s electric guitar solo which seems to be obligatory and usually mediocre.

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ugh…the 1990s. The music of that decade will haunt us for the rest of our lives…



I couldn’t agree more: the arts (music, film, painting, dance, literature, and so on) in general have deteriorated, and more rapidly in recent years. Meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in virtually everything from men’s shoes to furniture are hardly anywhere to be found. Not to mention the lack of courtesy (not only among young people) and the presence of greed and other dubious behavior. A sorry state of affairs, and, like the late Andy Rooney, journalist of 60 minutes fame, I am not hesitant to say it will only continue to get worse until the Moshiach comes (or returns).



Two words:

Public Enemy.

If you were to listen to one of their songs, make it ‘Can’t Truss It.’



Long before then. Fake names out of thin air.



This is something haunting from the 80s:



As a fan of country music, I think of the 90s as the decade of Vince Gill, Collin Raye, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Brooks and Dunn. … plenty of good music in that decade. Not as good as earlier eras, of course.

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A very powerful mode of communication that disrespects women, other gangstas and is based on the weight of the gold chains around your neck. About as important as a thin piece of paper and just as deep.

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Look at restaurants—they are all chains now. You can go to virtually any city in the US and eat the same food you would at home. You actually have to know the locals to know where the real good stuff is, that old restaurant or deli that has been around forever.

Everything today is geared toward quantity over quality, ease of production over beauty, profit over everything. Lamentable it is.



In my view, the only thing that has advanced is technology, its use as well as abuse. I will say that medical technology is a valuable tool for diagnosis; but what ever happened to the physician’s clinical hands-on skill of examining the patient? Maybe I’m just a cynical old codger (an alter c-cker), but it seems to me that we, as a (global) society, have lost a lot through the years. The young people of today never had it so they have no idea what they missed.



Doc’s can’t do that anymore. They are too busy looking at their tablet and clicking on drop-down menus and trying to figure which code applies.



or what name brand super expensive medicine they are going to put you on…even if there is a cheaper generic alternative.



Every time I want to throw my hands up and write off EdWest as a 900 year old crank he shows some self awareness and I find him charming.

Ed, if you’re ever on the east coast I’ll buy you a phosphate and we can talk about how we don’t trust the Alexa our grandkids installed for us.


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