Is today's music really THAT bad?


Charming? No one’s ever called me that. I don’t need gadgets. I understand them but I don’t need them. I survived pretty well most of my life without them. Think about it. A good blackout and your gadgets are dead. I’m prepared for that.

Phosphate? You can still get those?



Amen. Catholic music has a sort of…emotional aspect that hasn’t been replicated.
You should listen to the Medieval German folk hymn, Palastinalied by famous poet, Walter von der Vogelweide. If you ignore all the Crusader memes, the English translation of the lyrics of the song are very well put together.



Rap is both obnoxious by ear and by culture. I’ve never heard a rap song that didn’t sound cocky or in vain. 6ix9ine getting arrested was more positive than negative. The guy was literally involved with gangs and underage girls. He was also a terrible influence who didn’t have any reason for having such effect on society

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The only rapper I can half stand is NF and that’s because he’s Christian, never swears once in any song, stays away from any sexual stuff, and is very real. The lyrics are quite real and relatable at times, though the lyrics are depressing at times since he’s basically rapping in every song about being an outsider and a loner but looking to be a better person.

Not my style so I still don’t really like it, I won’t go and listen to him myself because I’d rather listen to Arabesque by Samuel Hazo for example but he’s the only rapper I don’t want to smash my ears with pillows when I hear



Standing at a red light. Windows closed. Car next to me: Boom ba da boom da doom ddoom Boom, wehh, wehh.



Just yesterday I was blasting Holy Holy Holy by Aubrey Assad while driving with the bass to max while I was singing along… don’t judge me :sunglasses:



Don’t break my decibel meter. That’s all I ask.

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Well, I’m still getting a lot of music I like. Granted, I’m not into pop or rap, but there’s been plenty of great metal albums over the last few years.

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I haven’t watched the video yet, but it depends on what you mean by “today’s music.” If you flip on the radio, yes, most of it stinks.

There are also some fabulous indy folk artists out there if you look in the right places. The music industry is struggling and shifting rapidly, so finding the good stuff often requires looking beyond the big recording labels. But yes, there’s still talent out there!



Arcade Fire. Maroon 5 (though I am not a fan). Maybe the Imagine Dragons. Jack White/the White Stripes (they technically started in the late 90s but didn’t hit the big time until the 2000s). The Black Keys.



Some 60s, a little bit more 70s, quite a bit of the innovative 80s, a select few of the 90s and essentially nothing since.

There you have it.



today’s music aint got the same soul

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Most people’s answer will be that the best music was made…

…when the person speaking was between the ages 12-32…
…by the Beatles.



Twenty years from now the only time you will hear about any of those bands will be on trivia night at an Applebee’s. I had to look up a few of them now.

Ok, just for practice: You kids get off my lawn!



We shall see. Honestly, Justin Timberlake will be remembered for years to come also. I am not a fan of most of his work, but there are times when he is really impressive as a musician.

you don’t have to be a fan of an artist to acknowledge they will likely be remembered :slight_smile: I’m a jaded Gen-Xer yet I can admit that.

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I use to listen to Coldplay and The Fray a bit since I can play some of their songs on the piano, same with some Michael Jackson songs. But aside from like Viva la Vida I don’t listen to either anymore, don’t have time for them when my Catholic songs playlist is in the hundreds :hushed:



Then again, he was singing about something that happened about 15 years before he wrote that song. Music continued then, and no doubt it will continue to continue.

I know what I want to listen to and sing, some of it made well after 2000, in spite of the fact that I am old enough to remember when Saturday Night Fever originally came out (now there’s some good disco!)

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Alright people. Your parents all said your favorite music was bad. This is a generational thing. If we polled all the people here, none of us would agree on what is quality music. I detest country. Throughout my childhood, my father forced me to listen to Roy Orbison on long car rides. I am still musically scarred.

The popular song in middle school right now is

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Agreed … truth is I like snippets of lots of things, from Gregorian Chant to classical to jazz to Eminem (within strict limits) and Pink. Broad enough tastes to qualify me to say no one era really was the “best”, surely.



My students don’t know who the Beatles are. They don’t think they are cool.

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