Is today's music really THAT bad?


Who are these students? What other kinds of neglect have these poor children suffered?

I will make both my stereo and mono sets of their work available to a child in need. :slight_smile:


Well…I guess the Beatles are o.k. They were done a couple years before my time. I’ve never been a huge fan. Pleasant, but not one of my favorites.


A group I always liked but never personally owned any music from.
Anyone remember China Crisis?


No, it’s not a generational thing. Fer cryin’ out loud. Roy Orbison is great.


That old argument. Hate to break it to you but the old blues players stole much of their music from someone else, too. Besides, Zeppelin had enough original music to still be the best ever. So, nana, nana, boo-boo😛


My doctor does. I am stuck at home with a chest infection, she made me take of my shirt. Examined my breathing, examined my pulse. Checked reflexes, blood sugar etc. She then sent me of to the hospital as she could hear wheezing when I was breathing and I had told her I was spitting up phlegm. When I returned she promptly prescribed antibiotics and use of an inhaler for two weeks and to go the hospital instantly if I felt worse. Oh and she is probably about 27 or 28 years old.


That’s great. She sounds like a fine doc; she probably has the ICD-10 codes memorized.


This is the UK I should point out.

Music is producing as much variety as ever, but the distribution channels have definitely changed. Also, we do mentally filter out the rubbish that we grew up with and the type of rubbish itself changes to accommodate tastes and fads


It’s not a generational thing. It is only an illusion. I’ve been watching who and what has been filling the airwaves. It’s either bad or very bad. Except for most Christian music.


The airwaves are not the only way to distribute music and I can think of several musicians I follow who never appear on TV or radio but have sold out concerts and millions of views for their music on platforms like YouTube.


Nope. That’s not it.


Roy Orbison is one of the best vocalists I have ever heard.


TBH, all the docs I’ve ever been to work like that.


One of the finest pieces of satire ever written on CAF…


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Why in heaven’s name is the post by Canvas flagged. There’s nothing offensive in there in any way?


Whoa, I saw your post had been flagged and I thought you really ripped into my post which I meant to be playful. Then I saw that your only “faux pas” was using the name D*ck. Sorry about that and thanks for the background info.


It’s a system generated flag to catch offensive words I guess


That very common name probably causes more auto flags than anything else. I’ve taken to using Duck as a replacenent.


Like the Duck Van Dork Show

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