Is today's music really THAT bad?


Because of the Led Zeppelin song title


I had no idea why that post was flagged until now! It happened right after I posted it, and I was like “wha?” I could not see why anyone would have flagged it. Now I get it.

You should really check out that Bobby Parker tune and remember that it was released in 1961. The guitar riff is way ahead of it’s time.


Right. I haven’t relied on the radio to find new music to listen to since 1993. And that’s more or less when my familiarity with popular music ends. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But I’ve always found plenty of stuff to listen to.

I can somewhat see the point, though, that popular music (as with many popular things) has taken a downward slide over the years. I’m not familiar enough with what’s popular these days, to say for sure.


I rarely hear current pop music except at the gym, where they play it over the PA system in the locker room, but based on that it sounds very basic and impoverished with what came before: both musically and lyrically. I was there a few days ago and one song had the lyrics ‘I love my friends, I love my friends …’ over and over again. Oftentimes the music I hear there sounds like it was purposefully made to be as unremarkable and dumbed-down as possible. We’ve come a long way from Cole Porter and George Gershwin (or even Elvis Costello), that’s for sure.

I’m not sure when exactly this happened or why, but my guitar teacher has also commented on it.


He’s just not my style. You wouldn’t be in your 60’s by any chance? My dad is 67. Love my dad, but not his music.


Perhaps some of my disdain is because I was a pouty kid who didn’t get to listen to her music.

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