Is too Much Fear Wrong?

Hi everyone,

Before I continue typing I apologize if this is the wrong section of the forums regarding this topic or if any information below is false. Also, I apologize if this post is uncomfortable to read, however remember that suffering can be offered as a beautiful prayer to the Lord :).

As many of you may know, Our Lady’s warnings seem to be true today. For example, same-sex marriage, war on religion, lack of reverance towards the Eucharist, lukewarmness of the Faith, contraception, a liberal approach to the Faith, euthanasia, abortion, and much, much more.

Despite all of this, there are many positive things that have occured during this wonderful Year of Faith and New Evangelization.

Although many positive things have occured, I still seem very fearful of the future.

Earlier this year I posted a thread regarding much fear that overcame me after learning more of Our Lady’s warnings, however I have been much more optimistic about the Second Coming of Our Blessed Lord. Also, how wonderful and calming it is to know of Our Lady has a beautiful and loving intercession :D.

Even though I have been more optimistic about the Second Coming of Our Blessed Lord, much fear always overcomes me when I research Our Lady’s warnings. Possibly I conclude this fear is for the souls that are in a state of mortal sin, because it is very, very dangerous for a soul to be in a state of mortal sin :(.

A priest mentioned to me I need to remain very careful when I study Our Lady’s warnings, the Divine Mercy, or any of the twentieth century canonized Saints.

As a young person, it seems very difficult to discern and evangelize correctly, safely, and without confusion in these times. Whenever a situation approaches a young person in these times the best conclusion I find is to remain calm and then judge how to approach the situation. Have any of you been very confused regarding how to evangelize or discern in these times? Although it is confusing as to how a person should approach a situation regarding evangelization or discernment, Our Lady once said that when all hope seems lost, that is when a person understands how to approach a situation.

I am not sure, however one time Our Lady revealed how many souls were being lost to a Venerable person I think, and she was so upset that she fell unconcious. I fear for so many souls, and I love everyone so much I do not want a single person to lose his or her soul :(.

Although none of us know when Our Lord will Return, it seems so evident Our Lord and Our Lady are hinting that it may be soon. Our Lord may not Return for thousands of years, or He may Return tomorrow, the best conclusion I always come to is to remain calm and do as much as possible for Him.

I apologize if this is off-topic, however I listened to a tape recording of a hole in Siberia that is said to be audio of Hell. I do not like to assume, however I think the tape recording is most likely hoax. Does anyone know if the tape recording of a hole in Siberia that is said to be audio of Hell is authentic?

Whenever I tell someone about Our Lady’s warnings and that it is something to be taken very, very seriously they seem to understand but acts as if everyone is going to be saved :(. I become so confused as to why they may not remain very, very serious about Our Lady’s warnings :confused:. Also, I become very confused when someone is afraid to evangelize the Faith, because the Faith contains Truths that are incapable of being defeated :confused:. By reading reflections of the experience’s of the Saints visiting Hell fills me with much fear for souls in a state of mortal sin.

I do not desire for anyone to go to Hell, and I think Our Lady’s warnings need to be taken very, very seriously.

Overall, I pray and hope one day we are all beautiful Saints in Heaven dwelling in the eternal happiness, joy, and love, praising Him forever and ever :D!

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you,

God bless,

In Christ,


Listen to your priest’s guidance on this.

The purpose of these warnings is not to lead one into fear or despair. The purpose is to awaken in the hearer the need for conversion and repentance. So keep praying. If these private revelations are causing you anxiety, I would encourage you to pursue other spiritual devotions (reading Scripture, reading the Catechism, daily rosary, Eucharistic adoration, etc.).

Angels of God have been saying for centuries, “Be not afraid.” Any message from a “visionary” that causes fear instead of bringing you closer to God is wrong.

St. Teresa of Avila said it well: “I do not fear Satan half so much as I fear those who fear him.” :slight_smile:

Trust God. Read the Bible - His Word.

Well why would Our Lady give us information about Hell like she gave at Fatima if not to let us know and fear the very real danger of Hell? Its like a mom telling her child about what can happen if you don’t look both ways when crossing the road. We WANT kids to have some fear about this because we know what can happen and they don’t! Or if they’ve heard it already they lack an appreciation for the real danger of it.

Im sure Mary doesn’t mean for us to quake in our boots, but the OP seemed to have a pretty healthy concern for others that reflects reality. Many people ARE going to Hell. We SHOULD be afraid for our brothers and sisters in error as well as for children now who are towing up in an ever increasingly secularized society. I worry these poor kids wont be able to withstand what’s coming. If people have a hard time in the green, what will they do in the dry? Jesus said something like that. He was saying, I think, that the more a people creep toward sin, th drier their faith becomes. Who now could be a martyr? How about the kids were raising? What about the kids who are raised by those who just go with popular sentiment? Are THEY being trained to be soldiers of Christ? NO!

It is scary. I agree with OP.

I also agree that we can’t let fear overwhelm us. We have to fight the good fight no matter what and help our kids and people in our orbit as much as we can.

I missed this on my first read-through. This bit of silliness has been around for years. I first heard about it as a teen - & that was a long time ago! The Catholic Church does not teach that Hell is in the center of the Earth. I doubt if any Christian church does. However, I have seen it on the covers of tabloids in the supermarket checkout line. :wink:

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