Is Torah more simmiliar to Quran or the Bible?

I mean polygamy is allowed in both Torah and Quran while its not allowed in the New testament. Did God change His mind? Also God in the OT is more of a war God like God of the Quran while Jesus is more of a peacemaker. Also God of the Torah allows stoning of people for adultery, idolatry, not obeying your parents simmiliar to the God of Quran while the God of the Bible does not allow that. God of the Torah did not allow pork and God of the Quran dont allow pork while God of the Bible allows it. Why is that?

Timi, do you realize that the word “Torah” is most commonly used to refer to the first five books of the Old Testament? How can you ask if part of the Bible is “more similar to the Bible”?

Ok with Torah i mean the OT and with the Bible i mean the NT. Sorry for my mistake.:o

So is the OT the jewish bible more simmiliar to the Quran or the Christian New Testament?

The Old Covenant foreshadows the New Covenant, and are best read taking into account the other. The New fulfills the Old.

The Koran was developed much later and is not part of public revelation. I’ve read some of it, and there is some beautiful poetry, as there is in the Poetical Books of the Old Testament (not the Torah).

God tolerated polygamy and gave us 10 commandments. After the coming of Christ, we are called to be more, to live Beatitude.

What parts of the Torah, the other books of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran have you read and would like to compare? Since the purpose of the Old Testament was to prepare for the coming of Christ, the answer to your question is an obvious one.

The word you’re looking for is Tanakh.

This link might help you understand some of the differences.

This is also the difference between the Religions.

I dont think so, either in the Jewish or Christian Religion

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The Torah is the first five books in the Bible

Please pray for this new persecuted Christistian, who in there right mind would want a member to stay in there Religion if they did not believe in it, If one believes that they are descended from Abraham you have to believe in the 10 Commandments, and a BIG NO NO is Thou shall not kill.

Here is the link.

Christ says in the NT that it was because of the hardness of their hearts that God allowed divorce and other things in that regard in the Old Covenant. Christ then goes on to make stricter laws like saying that anyone who divorces and marries another (unless there was an impediment to the first marriage attempt) commits adultery.

So, it wasn’t God saying in the OT, “Hey guys, marry as many people as you want, and if you don’t like them, divorce them! That’s what I call good!” It was always wrong, but God allowed it.

If you took a reputable Bible study class you would learn that the NT is a recapitulation and a mirror of the OT, and to think that it has more in common with the Quran is laughable. The account of Christ’s life, death and resurrection closely follows the story of the people of Israel. To name just a few points, the Visitation account in Luke parallels 2 Samuel 6, the visitation of the Ark to David (see also Psalm 132). The Holy Family’s flight into Egypt and the slavery of Israel. Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem to his judgement by Pilate: “I find no fault in this man” - the selection of an unblemished lamb for the Passover. Christ’s resurrection on the day of Firstfruits: Leviticus 23:10 cf. I Cor 15:20-23.

Unlike the Quran we can generally understand the Torah, the five books of Moses because its a narrative from creation until the death of Moses. I would also say one other difference is that in the torah God actually directly interacts with his creation, rahter than just using the medium of angels as in the quran.

OP actually meant Tanakh = Old Testament as a whole

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