Is Tradition, Family, and Property a good Catholic organization?


A few months ago, guys from an organization called “Tradition, Family, and Property” came to our rural area and spoke to a gathering of my fellow parishioners. When this came up in conversation with some of them a few days afterward, I told them I remember reading an article in Fidelity magazine years ago about TFP and it was not such a good organization. I found the old issue of Fidelity and gave it to them. I also found just a couple of references on Internet sites that supported what the magazine article said.

After reading these, most of the people stopped the monetary support for TFP which they had been asked to pledge. Now, one of the couples has gotten an appeal from TFP with a note from a well-known priest in it asking them to support TFP. They trust him because he is on television all the time and seems like a very good, solid priest. If he is supporting TFP, does that mean it’s a good organization? Do you know anything about them? Any help would be appreciated.


The way to find out whether this organization is a recognized Catholic organization is to call the diocese in which it is located and ask whether or not the organization is recognized by the diocese. TFP is located in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, which is in the Diocese of Harrisburg. Your local parish may also have a copy of the Kenedy Directory, which is a guide to the Church in the United States. Many dioceses publicize the Catholic organizations they recognize as such under their listing in the directory and some will list recognized Catholic organizations on the official web site for the diocese.

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