Is tradition holding mainstream religions back?

Did the likes of the Protestant reformers or Muhammad Abduh (Muslim reformer) get it right?

Some may claim the truth is the truth regardless of whether it resonates with the modern mind or not. But keep in mind, God gave us intellect, intuition & consience. Some of these traditions were shaped in societies in which slavery was the norm & women weren’t supposed to be seen or heard in public life, just to name a few examples of the top of my head, and some of that really shows in the most conservative forms of the mainstream religions. Is that really a good thing?

Your question assumes a false dichotomy based on prejudicial view of tradition.
In Catholicism, Tradition is of one cloth with the Church as it is. It is inseparable.


I know that. Hence the question, “Did the Protestant reformers get it right?”

Truth is truth. Tradition either affirms truth or obfuscates it. Tradition that obfuscates truth should not be maintained. Tradition that supports or affirms truth should be maintained as a teaching mechanism. All tradition must be evaluated on this criteria.


Very well said.

“Right is right even if no one is right. Wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong.”–Blessed Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen


Well, let’s look at results:
How many denominations are there now?
I count about a zillion.
So, no, I can’t say they “got it right”.


The truth begins with God. God is the Truth. How much does something transient and relative as family matters for example really affirm or obfuscate that truth?

If you wanna be so monolithic about everything I suppose. :man_shrugging:

AFAIK, this thread was about just one question

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It’s an expression. What does the number of Protestant denominations have to do with the question of tradition? I’m not asking if Protestantism itself is right.

LOL yes you did—you asked if the Protestant reformers got it right.

I said “no”

Bunch of reformers, bunch of religions.
They can’t all be “right”


:roll_eyes: No I didn’t, I’m a Muslim so why would I ask if Protestantism itself is right? I’m not even a Christian let alone Protestant.

I don’t know, you tell us why you asked the question. You asked if the Protestant reformers (and Muhammad) got it right. Then you said that wasn’t what you were asking. What were you asking?



Yes you did


I can’t speak to hypotheticals.

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No, I didn’t. The Protestant reformers started leaving tradition, on account of much of it being man-made, & Muslim reformers such as Muhammad Abduh did similar. What does that have to do with the Protestant denominations? What does that have to do with Protestantism itself? Does the question have anything to do with their specific doctrines? No, no it doesn’t.

I have a sense of what you’re getting at. Maybe. Can the question be reframed as: does tradition (small t) set parameters, or measures on life that aren’t relevant anymore, and does anchoring religion to those parameters put it at risk of becoming obsolete in the eyes of the people?

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You’re thinking along the right lines.

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Maybe if I get a bit more specific on that example. Does using contraceptives, which goes against traditional Catholic family morals, really obfuscate that truth?

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