Is traveling on Sundays a sin?

My family is traveling to Ireland next week, but the problem is that we will fly out on Saturday night (10 PM) and arrive there on Sunday morning (9 AM). Our flight back is on Sunday at 11:30-ish AM. I don’t think there’s going to be any problem getting to Mass, but I’m wondering about the fact that then the pilot will be working on a Sunday. I hear shopping on Sundays is a sin, but what about traveling like that because then you are paying for the pilot to work. Is there some authoritative source on this? I wish I had thought of this earlier…I don’t want to miss out on the trip to Ireland but it would be worse to commit a sin. If I tell my family this, they will think I’m ridiculous…they already think I’m ridiculous for not wanting to grocery shop or do laundry.

I am not an authority by any means but I don’t believe it would be a sin. This sounds like scruples to me. I would advise you to talk to a priest. He will be able to give you the correct answer.

Not only is travel on Sundays NOT a sin, but it is a valid excuse for missing Mass, so don’t worry, go, enjoy and have a wonderful trip!!

Of course it is not a sin. My BIL is a pilot and he works on Sunday’s - he needs this to support his family.

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