Is UBI About to be Implemented on a Massive Scale?


What do you think?

I’m ready.


What is UBI?


UBI (Universal Basic Income) is another scheme to prop up the economy. I believe if UBI is implemented inflation will rise fairly quickly.


The US would never consider such a plan. It would not help the disabled and poor.




A negative income tax would make way more sense


Chicago is well on its way to becoming the biggest dump in the US.

Yep. I said it.

I don’t take anything they attempt as an example of any right way of doing anything.


If Chicago were a foreign country our president might describe it as a hole in which feces is deposited.


I have never heard of a negative income tax. What is it?


UBI would essentially replace all other welfare programs, excepting maybe medical insurance programs. Food stamps, unemployment, social security, all could be bundled into one program. (Bundled into is wrong, but those programs would no longer be needed.) Streamline the bureaucracy.


This is what I was thinking when I was typing, but couldn’t on the spot think of a way to say it. More along the lines of “it’s working it’s way to becoming a hole filled with poo”.


Negative income tax is a progressive tax system where tax burden is lowered according to income until the people at the very bottom are actually being paid money by the government (supplemental income or UBI or however it’s designated) over paying taxes to the government.


Interesting! Thank you so much for explaining!



@JanSobieskilll, thank you so much!


Socialism is a bad idea. Eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

The disabled are to be helped but some can work and want to work. For all others, no one owes you an income. Hard work and self-discipline are good and healthy. I know some people want to see a new USSR, but as the United Socialist States of America. And the US government is in debt.


I have been studying UBI for several months and many people keep asking where the money is going to come from. The scariest concept is that in 2018 in the U.S. there is no real money; everything is just digits.

If UBI is implemented across the U.S., as long as those who implement UBI can convince people that digits are real money, as long as inflation doesn’t get out of control, and as long as they can convince enough people to keep working for digits, they will continue to prop up the economy with (UBI) digits.


Real money is not going away. Nothing is just digits.



Real money is just paper.

The only reason it has value is because people believe it does and the government has the ability to force people to accept it as payment.

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