Is using certain types of drugs wrong or sinful?


I am basically speaking of drugs that come from natural growing plants, like opium, marijuana, cocaine,etc. These plants grow naturally and are all over the world, so they were created by God. Plus, the pharmaceutical companies have fields and fields of opium poppies growing for the production of many pain killers, so just cause they are allowed to distribute these drugs, but normal people are not, that justifies it? This just seems kind of odd to me.

I dont have a problem with adults who choose to use some types of drugs, as long as it done in moderation and in the safety of their homes and of course, they wont be driving. Alcohol has been shown in studies to be much more harmful than heroin, but it remains legal for anyone over 21…? Im assuming this is because they learned that prohibition didnt work, but they are trying the same thing with street drugs LOL I wonder how long it will take them to realize the war on drugs is a miserable failure, just as prohibition was.

If you look at nations, like Portugal, Switzerland, where most drugs are legal, they have low crime rates and no criminal element in the drug trade, no need for it, as everything can be bought in stores. I think this would be great for the US, it would save alot of younger and older people.

The key is moderation I think, with any type of drug.


You could try making tea from hemlock. It's natural and made by God so by your notion, it should be fine too.

Wrong! Many natural plants are poisonous and will kill you if ingested. I've you've ever met someone with an opioid dependency, you would understand how destructive things can be.

I would like to see the study you referred to about the effects of heroin vs. alcohol. I've never heard that before.

You seem to have a very naive view of the effects of drugs on people and their families.


Do you have a study about your heroine/alcohol claim? Just because it grows doesn't mean it should be ingested. Castor beans are natural, but the amount of ricin in one bean can kill you.


I don't think the Church has a problem with legitimate usage of medications for illness. However, when healthy people start "needing" these medications, when they have nothing wrong with them, it does make one wonder.

I think God made things to be used properly, prudently, appropriately. I think he is okay with these being used to treat illness, not to cause addictions, health, financial, employment, relationship, and a whole host of other problems in the otherwise, healthy individuals.

As to making drugs legal to combat them, I will tell you my experience with something similar. Where I am in Mexico, there was a similar attitude. They seemed to think they couldn't control prostitution so thought, "Let's legalize and control it". Indeed, they tried just that. So, we have pockets where prostitution is legal. The thought was that it would just stay in those out-of-the way areas.

What actually happened? Prostitution did indeed blossom in those areas but was NOT confined to those in any way. In fact, prostitution did NOT decrease. I think it increased, because it is in those areas AND all over the place. As to the mafia, it remains, business as usual, near as I can tell.

My city here made an attempt to do something about its graffiti problem. So, the government promoted these graffiti areas, with the thought graffitists would go there and not graffitize the rest of the city. What happened? The graffitists graffitized inside those areas** AND** outside and pretty much everywhere. The problem is WORSE than ever!

Just look at how after marijuana was legalized in one area of the US and how it celebrated by having the world's largest marijuana party!

So, when you say to legalize drugs, that it will get rid of the mafia and solve our drug problems, I don't believe it. I predict that the legalization of drugs signal the beginning of our real problems. Further, once this experiment has failed, it will be extraordinarily difficult to reverse since it will now have a precedent.

So yes, when drugs are misused, it is sinful.


2291 The use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense. Clandestine production of and trafficking in drugs are scandalous practices. They constitute direct co-operation in evil, since they encourage people to practices gravely contrary to the moral law.


Looks like someone is trying to justify their use of drugs.


Oh, in the list of problems, I left out "legal".


If drug usage is so great, why do employers spend all kinds of money to do drug testing on applicants and employees?


Yeah it really depends on how you use it. Drug addiction is indeed a sin, but with the right reasons and in moderation, then its okay. I’ve seen a video of hell and it had a place for drug abusers :frowning:


Well first Paul tells us to abide by the laws of the land (not contrary to God’s Law),
assuming you’re referring to illegal drugs. If you mean drugs with an intended med-
ical purpose, psychological or otherwise, that kind of stuff, God would want us to
take medication to preserve our lives and health. Getting back to illegal drugs, if
the intended purpose of the drug is to get high or something, at least “super high”,
or whatever, that might be a sin. Drinking wine isn’t a sin, but drinking too much is
a sin, so doing the “wrong kind” of drugs may very well be a sin.


Not neccessarily. I’ve never once tried a drug, and have no desire to even if they are legalized. I’ve always wondered the same thing too though.


If taking/using some form of drug that is illegal it is a sin. Using legal medicine and not needing is a sin.

Drugs are illegal for a good reason, they kill, they lure people to do crimes when the use get out of hands, and in the end most of those who use illegal drugs or abuse legal drugs will take the user to an early grave or jail. Only few users will make it back to the “normal” world.


What if you took a medical dosage of ecstasy though for severe depression or PTSD? (Medical dosage = ~0.5% of recreational dosage). Not only has it been shown to be extremely effective, it has almost no risks when taken at such a low dosage. The US is one of a few very stubborn countries that see it as a party drug and nothing else, despite numerous research done on it. There is no political will to be the one who says “let’s legalize ecstasy!” even though the dosages are so minute as to have almost no side effects. One would have to stockpile almost 7 months worth of medication to equal one pill of recreational X.

Does the fact that ecstasy is illegal for political reasons invalidate all the good it does in extremely small dosages to make the prudential intake of it be a sin?


I can tell you that in Finland we don’t accept any drug abuse, and for a very good reason, most of those poor people who are hooked on drugs have begin with so called “legal drugs” IOW strong pain medicine and so on.

To use something that is classified as a illegal substance is never justified. I think you should be proud to live in a country that fight drugs as hard as we do in Finland.


Here is the study, but there is others too, I googled it and came up with quite a few studies that show the same thing, makes you wonder why alcohol is so widely accepted when heroin is not…both CAN be used in moderation??


Instead of trying to self medicate, why not go to a doctor to determine the cause of the depression and treat it? What do they say, “He who is his own doctor has a fool”?

Let me tell you about depression. If you have depression or PTSD, don’t listen to this advice and try to treat it yourself at home. Go to a doctor! People are depressed for bunches of reasons, everything from too little thyroid hormone, to circumstances, to post partum, menopause, genetics, stress, and not enough sleep! A lay person is not going to even know half the causes, or check on side effects, modify dosage, switch meds if it’s not working. Further, both PTSD and depression often need counseling, too. So no, don’t try this at home! :wink:

For example, for probably most of my life, I had a thyroid hormone deficiency and thought I had depression due to external events. I went to a doctor, and he told me that, alone, could cause depression! Had I gone out and got on Ecstasy, I never would have found out about the underlying causes!

I also had insomnia. I was told insomnia causes depression, and depression causes insomnia, to also get the sleep issue under control!

Moderation? Good luck with that. :slight_smile:


Yes, and the reason why people commit crimes to get their drugs is because when these drugs are illegal, this makes their value to skyrocket, The substance itself is very very cheap to produce, but risks related to them being illegal force the price up, if they were legal, these drugs would be under $5. a day for most people.


Drugs being illegal for political reasons? Drugs have been illegal, because we don’t want a nation of addicts. Would you want your surgeon on drugs? your pilot? president? mother, while she is carrying you, to be on drugs? busdriver and people who are driving on the road with you? Would you want your children, family, and friends on drugs?

With a mother who is on some drugs, the baby is often born addicted to drugs! Further, I witnessed a couple of births, and a nurse was explaining how drugs adversely affect the placenta, causing it to more or less fall apart!

They say one way you can know if something is right and should be promoted is to ask the question, “What would happen if everybody did this?”


[quote="mikekle, post:15, topic:339402"]
Here is the study, but there is others too, I googled it and came up with quite a few studies that show the same thing, makes you wonder why alcohol is so widely accepted when heroin is not..both CAN be used in moderation??


From your article:

Heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamines, or crystal meth, were the most lethal to individuals. When considering their wider social effects and harm to others, alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine were the deadliest. But overall, alcohol outranked all other substances, followed by heroin and crack cocaine.

I don't think that sounds like they are green lighting the recreational use of the drugs you listed.


All the same can be said for alcohol, and anyone who doesn’t believe alcohol is a drug needs to look up the definition. A nation of alcoholics, surgeons drink, pilots drink, the presidents (some alcoholics), bus drivers and other drivers, even pregnant mothers. No I don’t want my children, family, or friends using intoxicating drugs, especially alcohol.

So it all comes down to whether it’s legal or not for it to be a mortal sin ?

How about places where it’s legal to smoke? And people who have actually done cannabis know it is far less intoxicating than alcohol is. People can’t argue against marijuana and while defending alcohol if they have never even tried marijuana a few times. After I smoke when I am buzzed I can carry out normal daily activities without any distracting interference, no matter how much you smoke you won’t ‘black out’ or fall over dead. Alcohol on the other hand is very intoxicating, incredibly detrimental to your cognitive and motor skills, and is extremely deadly.

I feel like I’m committing more of sin when I drink a few beers than I do smoking a few puffs, because alcohol actually messes me up. And I strongly feel alcohol impairs my ability to make rational decisions and good choices more than marijuana does. For me alcohol is by far more dangerous. But no matter how much I smoke I can still walk a straight line, talk fine, and never lose awareness of what is going on around me.

I have worse withdrawals from caffeine than I do cannabis. I’m not saying marijuana is harmless or just a plant. It is most certainly a drug by today standards, and anyone who disagrees with me that alcohol is not a drug I would like to hear your reasoning.

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