Is using freebsd a sin?

Freebsd uses Demon as its mascot. does that make it a sin.

It is a sin as much as attending Arizona State University.

Or for supporting the Blue Demons of DePaul University.

Or eating Underwood deviled ham, painting with Red Devil paints, or fishing with a Daredevil spoon.

That depends if you have a fishing license! :smiley:

Love those answers!

Well, there are those that saying loading freebsd on any computer is a sin, but that’s just a geek thing.


If anything, using Windows would be the sin because of how much anguish it causes :wink:

And that you are supporting an illegal monopoly, as well as a business with dubious business practices

use GNU/Linux if it really bothers you :slight_smile:

FreeBSD made me swear a lot. So, I say it caused me to sin.

chortling Ah, but what about free will? :smiley:

You got me. :o

Darn, that was too easy. :wink:

Isn’t the Linux OS full of demons?

I don’t know what freebsd is, but it sounds like something people do with cocaine, so I’d say it would be sinful.


Daemons are used everywhere, even on or servers!!! :eek:

Are you serious? :rolleyes:

Google, anyone?

Hey, it’s penance. :slight_smile:

Of course I’m not serious. I didn’t google it, still don’t know what it is, and don’t care to know, but the comment was facetious.


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