Is vacation sinful in this situation?


Is it a sin if an unmarried couple (or people of the opposite sex who arent related) go on vacation together?

Even if they sleep in different rooms, other people around them may think they are sleeping in the same area. Does that mean its a sin for an unmarried couple to go on vacation together?




But isnt it technically a scandalous situation?


Sounds like a stretch to call that scandal.


It would have been scandalous 60 years ago socially. As long as they behave… I think it is fine.


Not a sin.


Seems to me like you could defuse that in conversation by throwing in a very occasional “We’re having separate rooms, of course,” with a laugh that indicates you never thought that whoever you are talking to would be so crude as to assume anything different. (don’t say it too often, though, or it will look like you’re protesting too loudly. :slight_smile: )



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