Is verse Mathew 24.24 still relevant for today?


It states:
“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

It doesn’t seem like there is anyone in this day and age who is claiming to be Christ so is this more referring to the past?
Also,who is the elect-is it priests and the Pope etc and if so,how can they be deceived or by whom?


False Christs can be a type. Some one who offers a lot of promises and claims to be the only one who can fulfill them. I think it is a verse applicable. To any time and place.


There are plenty of false prophets in this age and in previous ages.
People who get into a position of influence and lead the people away from Christian values, from truth, people with an agenda, product to sell, or minds they want to influence to their own gain.
Yes, Scripture is timeless. It doesn’t always point to a specific person, it illustrates a basic or common element of the fallen human state.


It is especially relevant. Every verse has at least some applicability to today, as well as the future. To disregard our Lord’s advice - especially in this deceptive age - makes one more susceptible to false christs and antichrists.

As to the elect:

ELECTION. The act of choice or selection of suitable means to an end, made by an intelligent being. In biblical terms the divine election is God’s choice of certain people for a given mission he wanted them to fulfill. Thus Paul was a “chosen instrument” (Acts 9:15), and all Christians “have been chosen” (I Thessalonians 1:4).


People make up their own false Christs all the time. Just look at the number of cult leaders who are viewed as the Second Coming of Christ, or as Christlike figures or prophets, by their followers, and then they go on to commit horrible abuses and murders. There are many of these guys - Jim Jones, Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jeffrey Lundgren, etc. There are also many people who would worship money as a “false Christ”, or sex as a “false Christ”.

So yes, still very relevant.


As for deceiving the elect, it states that ‘if it were possible’ which implies that the elect will not be deceived. As for who is the elect? It’s for those called out by God. Not just the Pope and Priests.


+1. I agree. There are many who are influencing the decline of our culture today regarding Christian values, morality, the truth.


Where is all the great signs and wonders? I cannot think of a single one that made me wonder if this person was truly Christ returned or a prophet.

Imo, we have not seen these days yet.


Everyone has said and posted it well. I can not add more other than to say that TV is one of the greatest enemies of the spirit and soul. While it is wonderful in many ways it is the modern false God and insidious. Be carful of the TV mouse trap. Peace.


Hi, Elena!

The Church says that Priests are alter Christus; all Christians are Called to be alter Christus; many who lead others in the religious arena make themselves to be alter Christus… so no, false prophets and false Christus are not a thing of the past… they may even hide in amongst the Church and other Christian bodies; while they may not claim the title/name there are those who wheel power over others as they become their community’s religious and even god-like civil leaders.

…we’ve just experienced an awful rift in the nation–some rose up an incited others into violence, offering them the “promised land.”

Satan quickly opened up the flood gates as hate mongers were named nationalists and Christian crusaders…

…it got so surreal that the President of the US of A attempted to play the equalizer (yeah, intellectuals and the famous suffer from *footinmouthitch *as they attempt to seem of import).

…how do you think that a police force would idle on by while hate is being promoted if not by the works of the anti-Christs?

Maran atha!



Heck yes. Otherwise we wouldn’t have Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses. A lot of the Witnesses and Mormons that I’ve met were former Catholics or protestants from mainstream denominations. A lot of Protestants and Catholics consider Joseph Smith (Mormon guy) and the founders of the Watchtower organization to be false Christs.


Hi, Mike!

I think that you are looking for supernatural events… walking on fire, teleportation, etc…

There are great sings happening all around us… did you know science and commonsense made people beyond ignorant? There’s this big claim that we cannot tell when life begins… technical babblers want to make it at birth and others at several years after; these same babblers have been pushing for gender/existence fluidity–soon you can determine that you are a lazy-boy and the government will have to pay you for staying put at home; there were some great innovators that taught that animals that are pets must be correctly addressed by their respective gender pronouns (not “it”); yet, these same geniuses call a human child an “it.” Then you have the hate mongers who are not to be addressed as terrorist but nationalists–cause we must get to know and understand them and not label them with a word that would cause others to view them as evil/bad (translation: killing innocent people is not an evil thing, if you understand the plight of the murderers); and talk about Christ/God power: did you know that the US and the UN have had a campaign to force nations to commit to the culture of death (those who do not join are bankrupt and threatened to have to face warring nations on their own)–here’s the sign: woman’s health!

The great genius of H. Clinton: ‘cut beginning of life and end of life expenses to usher in the new world order…’ there are nations in the world ranting about how they have beaten disease, poverty, and overpopulation by enacting programs that removes the culprit agents: children in their mother’s womb or post abortion trays, the ill, the sick (mental disorders) and the old–the culture of death is the greatest alter Christus ever… and great sings have come about and people just lap them up: 'the world is our oyster, let the damned (those who have no power) be damned!

Maran atha!




…and both of these are anti-Christ groups; the JW openly reject Christ as God and the LDS quickly equate their book to the Bible and the future of the Universe is them becoming god’s who would populate the vastness of the Universe… talk about false Christs!

Maran atha!



The “original sin” in Genesis 3 was disobedience to God. But how?

“You will be like gods…”


This is indeed still relevant today, since people still come from all over trying to replace Our Lord Jesus with their evil ways and ideals, claiming that they have the key to everlasting life.

May God protect us from them. Amen.


Hi, P!

Yahweh God Commanded that Adam and Eve not eat from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil; they did.

Yes, there were other parts to this event… but the issue remained: ‘you can eat from all of the trees that bear fruit… except for one.’

The creature came along and they listened to the creature and obeyed the creature instead of Obeying the Creator.

…the Scriptural passage states that there were additional factors that compelled Eve to eat of the fruit: a) the purported equality with God, and b) the visual enticement of the fruit itself. But these were components that lead to the disobedience… they could have observe these components without acting upon them and they would have remained as “temptations.” Yet, once they fell for the bait, they ate from the fruit and disobeyed God.

Maran atha!



Unfortunately we have also been hearing here “down under” on the news about the terrible things that have been happening in the USA.
I don’t understand why they say the "nationalists " are blaming the Jews-I thought the issue was blacks vs whites-what do the Jews have to do with it?


Hatred based on ignorance will always exist. 2,000 years ago, it was said of those living on the island of Crete: “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” Titus 1:12 Nothing has changed. Truthfully, the Neo-whatevers have been fading from the scene over the past several decades until cameras were pointed at them. Since they are white, they get tonnes of press coverage - which at some level seems racist, actually.


So what I am understanding is that everyone is stating that it doesn’t have to be an individual who is overtly claiming that they are Christ,but instead could just be individuals/situations which “seduce” people away from their Christian values?

If this is the case,then isn’t this prevalent everywhere and a “losing battle” in our celebrity obsessed society?
Celebrities are pretty much “worshipped” and I would find it difficult to name many female singers who don’t go the “hypersexualised” route.
Eg:Rhianna,Jennifer Lopez,Ariana Grande,Britney,Madonna,Selena Gomez,Katy Perry etc.
95% plus singers promote a hypersexualised image and try to “out sexy” each other because unfortunately this seems to get the person greater fame and popularity.
It is the same with female singers from my Slavic background -everything has to be sexy,sexy,sexy!
I’m even hesitant to think that it’s only younger women/girls that are influenced by this mindset,because while they might be “influenced” by Grande,many of Madonna or Chers fans are women in their 40’s.

Isn’t this a reality/losing battle though because most younger women-or maybe any women- are not going to be interested in a “tame Christian version” of music?
It seems to me like it is very easy to be in conflict between having Christian values vs being “seduced” by a world where the notion of fame/celebrity is worshipped and put on pedestal and singers or so-called celebrities are glorified/adored.


I think one can enjoy a celebrity’s occasional performance without making them a false Christ or buying into all their values, whether it’s sex, money, or violence. Madonna, Cher and Katy Perry have not exclusively sung about sex, for example, and Cher is a good actress. Celebrities do tend to come off like attention mongers because that is how they make money. I ignore a lot of it.

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