Is Vespers tonight (Friday) Sacred Heart or Ss. Peter and Paul?

Hey all I was just wondering is Vespers tonight Sacred Heart or First Vespers of Ss. Peter and Paul?
And for the matter is tomorrow evening Ss. Peter and Paul or Sunday?
Confused which takes precedence.

Sacred Heart tonight, Saints Peter and Paul tomorrow night (2nd Vespers).


So will the Vigil mass at Church tomorrow be Sunday or Ss. Peter and Paul? I always thought Vespers and the Mass had to parallel.
Sorry I’m kind of new to the Liturgy of the Hours.

Sacred heart…it’s a solemnity :heartbeat:

So is Ss. Peter and Paul…

No, even though saint Pete and Paul are solemnity…It is still vespers of the Sacred heart …plus night prayer Sun II …I guess if you had a vigil mass celebrated for st.Peter and Paul it would then be vespers of st Pete and Paul.

RIght…makes life a little more interesting…I checked the ordo and the st Joseph guide both had sacred heart vespers

Yes, but Solemnities of the Lord trump Solemnities of the saints. So Friday evening’s Vespers is 2nd Vespers of the Sacred Heart, not 1st Vespers of SS. Peter and Paul.


I think it would have to be Sunday.

Ok thank you.

And yet they are still allowed, for Lent, and the last week of Advent.

In the Byzantine (Catholic) Tradition, Vespers on Friday night is liturgically the beginning of the Feast of the Holy, Glorious and All-Praiseworthy Chief Apostles Peter and Paul:

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I think that a Solemnity of Jesus, which The Sacred Heart is, transcends a Solemnity of saints.

It looks like for this Saturday vespers it is still saint Peter and Paul…this really is confusing because it is a solemnity and someone showed me the ordo for this particular diocese…said nothing about Sunday vespers …wondering

SS Peter and Paul outranks an Ordinary Time Sunday according to the table here:

So yes, it’s appropriate that Vespers tonight is for today, not Sunday.


But yet I imagine parishes will be celebrating the anticipated Sunday Mass this evening, not an evening Mass for Sts P and P…

I wasn’t referring to Mass. I was referring only to the LOTH.

Edit to add/clarify:
The Mass for the day can be selected by the priest as long as it keeps with liturgical norms. In the event of an evening Mass, it can be that day’s Mass or the anticipatory Mass of the following day’s solemnity if that better serves the parish. Most parishes probably don’t give a hoot about celebrating SS. Peter and Paul unless it bears special significance locally, so the Mass is for Sunday. If it were a daytime Mass earlier than a Sunday anticipated Mass is allowed, it would have to be today’s solemnity unless it were a wedding or funeral, etc.


Thank you very much…

Saint’s Peter and Paul is a solemnity with a proper Vigil, and there is actually an evening Mass for it, however that was for yesterday (the eve). Alas, it could not be celebrated this year. An evening Mass today would should be the same as a morning Mass today.

I was at the 11 am Mass at the abbey this morning. It was an auspicious event, the youngest monk was ordained a priest by the archbishop! Deo Gratias!

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Check the Ordo for your diocese. In the UK I believe most dioceses have transferred Ss Peter and Paul to the Sunday.

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