Is visiting bad?

I visit sometimes to regularly and I see the beautiful women in their bikinis that gives me that rush inside. I also wanted to know if is just as bad as Playboy. I just think of the girls I see as having an attractive appearance but I know that there is more than just their stunning sight in a bikini. I already know that one quote about lust from Matthew and that lust is for the desire to have sex, I don’t get that desire despite the feeling I get. Please clarify what lust really is do I actually seem to lust.:confused:

It would be for me. Other people’s mileage may vary. But if you’re getting a “rush” looking at beautiful, almost-naked women, I would say that’s too close to lust to be able to tell the difference.

Why are you looking at it? Is there a reason or are you looking at it for sexual gratification?

This is a good answer.

Museums, even the vatican’s own collection, has painting and statues showing the naked human form. So nakedness or depicting and looking on nakedness is not in itself wrong. It can be driven by admiration of God’s creation, or it can be driven by base level lust. So the question is not, how much or how little is the person wearing or what bits of their anatomy can you or can you not see, but the question is why are you looking at it? The same can be said of a lot of model photography, which may have different effects on different people. Artistic admiration and lust are two different beasts, and if you have difficulty keeping them apart it might be better you stayed away from both.

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There’s a saying that goes like this if you had to ask you already know the answer. I think you know in your heart that it is wrong to use that site.

Question for you . What is the difference between a man who goes to the beach and sees women in bikinis and the man who goes to the beach to see women in bikinis?

You are objectifying these women, viewing them as objects for your pleasure.
What you are doing is the same as one who is looking at hot cars, but people are not cars. And such viewing will lead to lusting. Visiting such site is a near if not an ocassion to sin.

That “rush inside” is what is meant to help attract you to possible spouses and eventually to bond deeply with your spouse. If you are looking at a lot of beautiful women who you will never have the opportunity to know, you are desensitising yourself to the women that God is placing in your life who could be a future spouse. You are also setting yourself up for disappointment as most women are not like the beautiful bikini clad women you are looking at (including those women themselves. Such pictures are often airbrushed to remove imperfections and a woman’s body seldom looks the same in a bikini after bearing children.)
I know that it will be hard to forego the experience of visiting this website, but by the grace of God, you can do it. Prayer, Confession, reception of Holy Communion and getting involved in other activities (such as volunteering to help those in need or attending Catholic formation and social groups) will help.
You know it’s not good, so listen to your conscience and move on to better things, before you’re drawn on to worse.

I just prayed the Liturgy of the Hours for today’s morning praise, and this is the psalm assigned to this day. Psalm 101 may speak to your spirit.

I will walk with blameless heart within my house;
**I will not set before my eyes whatever is base.
Think seriously about the temptation you place yourself in. It may seem like a lesser evil than pornography, but where do you think the devil begins his tempting? He begins with the lesser and when the person is hooked, moves on to the greater. For instance, one does not hop in bed with another woman and commit adultery. It begins with keeping company unlawfully, simply having a cup of coffee, and moving into more and more degrees of involvement.

There are no coincidences - I think God is speaking rather distinctly through today’s psalm.

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I mean this with all gentleness and love: Do not go to that website!!!

It doesn’t matter how it ranks in terms of “badness” compared to playboy. If you are going to a website with the express purpose of seeing scantily-clad women in order to get a “rush”, then that is wrong. Women are not objects to be viewed for our pleasure and amusement. They are people to be loved. If you want to know what real love looks like, look at the Cross. Jesus commanded husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the Church. And Christ suffered and died for the Church.

It is a very strong temptation for us guys to go to such websites. But that doesn’t make it okay. Resist the temptation and increase your time in prayer. Avoid surfing the internet at times and locations where it is easy to access such websites.

I will pray for you. A new year is almost upon us. Make 2012 a clean start. :thumbsup:

When you do that you are reducing women to a sexual object or plaything. While it may not be quite on the level of porn it’s still objectifying someone which is never good. I advise you to find something else that gives you a rush.

OP, while I cannot say this is a sin, mortal or venial, it is certainly an “occasion of sin” that you promise to avoid whenever you say your Act of Contrition in the confessional. Speaking again about the lure of progression, when might your rush be less satisfying? And needing a greater rush of excitement, you desire to see them in the nude, rather than slightly covered with a bikini? As many have said here, you are courting danger without a valid reason for wanting to visit the website.

Great prayers I can use and information regarding my issue has been provided to aid me, thanks to all whom are responding to me.Well at least I know I’ll never look towards nudity (like pure naked, or any of the two areas uncovered) as something pleasurable because personally, and this the truth, I am disgusted by that kind nudity. I think I hesitated to put in my original question that I look towards girls in swimsuits kind of as an art and the feeling comes out of like admiration or something like that, yes I know I am focusing on external beauty however it never seems to lead to any fantasying. And when I have actually been around bikini clads it’s really like, “hey good looking girl, okay now look at that beautiful horizon”, and that’s it, and it’s always been like that for me. But does it matter if I posses that artistic taste?

Can you honestly say to the Lord, I am doing nothing against my conscience? None of us can answer that, and we only point to the potential danger. You’ll know when it crosses the line and soils your conscience.

It has been said by St. Teresa of Avila, a holy mystic and Doctor of the Church who taught about prayer, that when anything we do in the natural becomes a strong distraction that disrupts our prayer, we will know that the Lord is speaking to us to put it aside. “Where your treasure is, there also is your heart.” :wink:

I would label it, “the near occasion of sin” because it may just lead you to worse.

Only you can know whether this is the full truth or you are hiding behind this as an excuse (and I am saying this in all respect). But as I said before, artistic beauty is not wrong in and of itself. Many of the great sculptors and painters of renaissance Italy were also good Catholics for example and were working on great works of art for the cathedrals at the same time and in the same studio that they were producing art of the human form. In fact if you go to art school, as soon as you’re finished with the very basic stuff they set you to work drawing nudes (of both sexes). Why? not because nudes are so important but because if you can’t draw a nude you can’t properly paint a clothed person either because it is about basic anatomical skills and knowledge. Do you think Catholic students at art school, say, no, I can’t participate in this lesson because I might start getting sinful ideas in my head? I can tell you this from my own experience (and I’m only an amateur artist with no special skills). You don’ think about such things in that situation because the task is so difficult in itself that you need to concentrate all your mental powers on the exercise at hand and you don’t have the capacity to even look at the model in a lustful way (it is a real live person btw).

Curiosity got the better of me and i went to see the scenery. There wasn’t much in the way of beautiful horizons. I could not see any artist value in the few pics i viewed. Echoing other posters the models aren’t objects they are your sisters.

Hello, I wanted to add something in the way of a definition of lust.
I once read a book in which a priest wrote that a person can think of sex in his or her mind without it being a sin.
He said that the sin of lust comes when you have the “intent” to act on those thoughts, and the “pleasure” you get from those thoughts.
There is a good book called Catholic Sexual Ethics, Updated, by Rev. Ronald Lawler, O.F.M. Cap., Joseph Boyle, Jr. & William E. May which describes and explains a lot of what you are concerned about and I think it’s the book that has the definition that I quoted above; it’s been years since I read it so I’m not totally sure.
Thank you; Joshua

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