Is VONAGE better than the "Phone Company"?


I was just wondering if anyone here has VONAGE… and do you think it’s better (or worse) than the “Phone Company”?

Thanks for your opinions! God bless. :slight_smile:


We had Vonage for a while, and we loved it! We had unlimited calls all across the US and Canada (I think they’re doing Mexico, now, too) for only $25 a month. Your phone works wherever you have an internet connection, and you don’t get telemarketers calling, since your number , which isn’t assigned by the phone company, isn’t in the phone book. You can forward your calls to a cell phone for when you go on vacation. The downside is that whenever you lose your internet connection, you don’t have a phone line, either.

We loved having Vonage, but DH wanted Fios for TV, so it made sense to do the phone/cable/internet bundle.


A Florida family says inadequacies in Vonage’s 911 Net phone service played a role in the death of their 3-month-old daughter, one of several such claims that have drawn increasing attention to a sensitive regulatory issue.

I wouldn’t get it unless you also had a regular phone line.


See… this is exactly why people ask these questions in the Family Life forum. Thank you, “flyingfish”. I will not consider Vonage now, with an elderly mother in my home. I’ve had to call 911 many, many times for my mother.

Don’t want any phone service, where 911 isn’t up to par. :nope:

God bless.


That tragedy was in 2005 and I think they have addressed that since.

Our internet provider doesn’t support Vonage unfortunately.


We have Vonage and are fairly happy with it.

But any time you use a phone system other than the one provided by the local phone company you do have to check into what is needed to contact your local emergency services via 9-1-1. You may not need to do anything but you might need to register your number with whoever provides your local 9-1-1 service. (Probably your city or county.)


If you have any kind of phone but a landline, 911 service will be questionable.

I have had issues calling 911 with my cell phone, because the 911 call isn’t always routed to the correct call center.

Also, despite the fact that Vonage promises that they now have adequate 911 service…for technical reasons, I wouldn’t trust it. The internet is inherently unreliable, and adding Vonage to the mix introduces too many ways that your call can be mis-routed, dropped, or put at a lower priority than those coming from the primary 911 system in your county.

The phone service that cable companies are offering can suffer from the same issues.

Please note that the phone company is required to provide 911 service to all landlines, even those that have been disconnected due to cancellation or nonpayment. If you have a phone that gives you some kind of dialtone (even if you can’t place or receive calls due to cancelation), you will be able to call 911. You can also call 911 from cell phones that have been disconnected.

One solution might be to get a DSL line for Vonage, packaged together with a dirt-cheap local calling plan tied to the same phone line, for 911 calls.

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