Is Voting for Trump Endorsing Racism?


As a Canadian watching everything, I’d say no. Biden on the otherhand…

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I wasn’t clear. The quote I gave was from Trump clarifying the quotes that you use.
Yes Trump believed that the Judge had a conflict of interest and was biased against him. That doesn’t make the statement racist. Trump doesn’t say that the judge is inferior but he believes that the judge is not fair and impartial. I have yet to see the loosing side in court believe differently. It is human nature but it isn’t racist.

Did the Taliban Endorse Trump While Scientific Community Endorsed Biden?

A spokesperson for the Taliban denied endorsing Trump, whose campaign also rejected the alleged 2020 backing from the group. The New England Journal of Medicine said the country’s current political leaders “have demonstrated that they are dangerously incompetent" and “this election gives us the power to render judgment,” but it did not refer to Biden or Trump by name.

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