Is wanting chastisment wrong?


By chastisement, I mean one from God, such as the Three Days of Darkness I’ve heard so much about it. Sometimes, I find myself wanting this to come, but is that wrong? Is that a false hope? I pray for the world but I see it getting worse and worse, such as with abortion…how many more innocent children must die??


I believe the ‘3 days of darkness’ stuff is from Garabandal, which is currently not an approved apparition site.

But yes, I think it IS wrong: the massive human suffering it would entail should give you pause, if nothing else does.

I think there’s a whiff of pride to it, to assume that we are ready, and the other people need a good smiting. Oh, and to presume to tell God to punish, rather than pray for mercy? Is that what Jesus would advise?


Willing justice to trumph is good. Willing others to suffer is wrong.

For example: I want the Reign of God to come, I want God’s justice to triumph over every evil on Judgment Day to come, so I hasten its coming by living with the mind of Christ. I don’t live with the mind of Christ so the Church’s enemies can be thrown into Hell on Judgment Day. I want them, rather, to be converted.


Well put, Nickname.


Not quite correct.

When a so-called apparition is supposed to have happened it is investigated by the local competent Church authority which means the Bishop. The investigation will result in one of three possible conclusions:

  1. Locally approved by the Bishop which means it would then move on to the CDF in Rome for further investigation and a final decision to approve or not.

  2. The local Bishop can declare that there is no evidence of any supernatural happenings. This is not an approval nor an outright disapproval.

3, The local Bishop can declare that that nothing supernatural has taken place. This is a disapproval and it ends there. No decision is required from Rome.

In the case of Garabandal number 3 applies. The Bishop declared nothing supernatural has taken place. In other words the alleged apparitions at Garabandal are disapproved.


Do you want chastisement for yourself or for those who offend you?


Yes, thank you: I should have been more complete in my description.

I read recently that the new bishop/archbishop in the area is actually a Garabandal supporter, and has stated that he’s ‘open to considering’ or something of that sort, whether the original decison was correct.

So I was overly cautious in my wording.


I first heard about the chastisement from a Garabandal site, however, as others have said, it is disapproved by the bishops and thus is suspect. I’m not sure if it originated from Garabandal, but if it did, any other alledged apparition site that mentions the said chastisement should also be suspect.

Having said that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting justice, but we have to let it be God’s will, not our will. Wanting a particular thing to befall on those who are doing wrong is like saying, “I hope you rot!” (maybe not that dramatic, but you get the point). We shouldn’t wish ill on others - besides, if the chastisement were to occur, there would be many sacrifices we (assuming we survive it) would have to make, and challenges to overcome. For example, we’d be an agrarian society again (at least for a few decades), there could be famine and disease for the first few years in more populated areas (perhaps in small towns, too if modern farming methods won’t be reliable) until things get settled again, and so on. So, it’s a double edged sword.


Try searching Blessed Anne Tiagi, St. Pio, St. Faustina… about the 3 days of darkness. Garabandal is unapproved, not condemned and refers to the warning, the miracle and the chastisment, which doesn’t mention anything of 3 days of darkeness. Tim


During one of the economic downturns and a long series of rumored and actual layoffs someone at my work posted the following:

Better a Horrible Ending than Unending Horror.

With our continuing moral collapse in this country, and the world, I begin to believe it. :frowning:


I believe the 3 days of darkness story, came before Garabandal.

I remember my grandmother and the nuns talking about it, back in the 50’s, before Garanbandal was heard of.



Seems we are going two different directions at once, which is my fault more than anyone else’s.

The original question [and leaving aside the provenance of the concept] was ‘Is it is wrong to hope the chastisement or similar event comes soon?’

I still say ‘yes’, because there’s a sense that we personally are OK with God, but those other bad naughty sinful people need to be smacked around some in order to prove the existence of God, and coincedently proving that we really are better than them, after all.

I seem to have introduced a second element, along the lines of ‘Is the chastisement/3 days of darkness a belief worthy prediction?’

The problem I’ve always had with the various ‘God is going to send an unmistakable sign’ prophecies is that if the sign is truely unmistakable, seems to me it would interfere with our free will, much like writing ‘Jesus was here’ in letters a hundred miles tall accross the face of the moon.

Seems to me that the horrific event alluded to in those preditions will have to have a plausible natural explanation. While many may be drawn to the faith by it, the natural explanation means that many others won’t, [and still others will say ‘This couldn’t happen if God was real’] and the net amount of suffering will surely increase, which doesn’t seem very Christian to me.

I’m sort of sensitive about the subject because I live in the blast zone of the Yellowstone caldera, which some people have associated with the 3 days of darkness.

While I trust God to bring about the greatest good and deal mercifully with us all, I don’t like the idea of my entire family being annihiliated just to prove a point.


I see what you are saying, I’m a bit torn about the miracle/warning/chastisment prophesis as well. However, God did elect to perfom unmistakable feats in the past for the world to see. A global flood and parting the Red Sea might compare to 100 foot letters on the moon I suppose. So I am not sure it isn’t a part of God’s plan for the future (near or otherwise). Also, many people state that it is both scriptural and part of Church teaching that a period of peace will follow some divine event before the second coming.

As far as “wanting” a chastisment, here too I have mixed feelings. It may be perceived as a us vs. them (us the good guys, them the bad guys) argument, which is clearly wrong and taught that it is wrong in the gospels by Jesus. However, people who do chose to follow Jesus are deeply wounded by the rejection of Him in this world today.

I do not know if I want a chastisment, however I do desire a change of heart in the world towards the Christian ideology. If it is a chastisment, so be it. It’s tough to attempt to follow Christ in this worldly world.


That is not correct. Garabandal is disapproved. The local Bishop investigated and declared there are no supernatural happenings taking place.


OK, Thanks for the correction. I’ll have to find an updated list. But from what I can tell is that Bishop del Val Gallo reopened the investigation in 1981, allowing mass to be said there and is yet to be determined. Tim


There are conssequences to moral disorder as there are consquences or things that follow from moral order. Peace comes from order. This is universally true. It is true in our individual souls and in nations. Our nation is disordered. Chastisement implies punishment. Jusitce is a divine perfection. God will not allow evil and peace to exist in the same soul. A nation can not murder 40 million unborn babies and not suffer consequences. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see justice and the justice will be terrible. We must also beg God for mercy for our own sins and those of others, and trust in Him.

Light and life are at war with darkness and death. There are constant skirmishes and battles. They take place in human souls and in the visible world throughout history. In the fullness of time it will all come to a head in a once and for all final showdown. People will sense it coming. The war drums will beat. The rumblings of the armies of Michael and Satan will rise.

People will become afraid. Others who trust in God will show courage.

Most souls are wishy washy. We would like to be holy, but are afflicted with sin here and there and go along kind of luke warm. When the chastisement, day of justice, awakening to reality comes we will have to choose for ourselves which side we are on, for or against, life or death, darkness or life.

We are either for or against Him. There is nothing wrong with longing for that day. Thy Kingdom come.


When I see all the immorality in the world, I do wonder if God will chastise the world, but then again, we all would be judged because no one is sinless except God and the Virgin Mary.

But, it’s happened before…Noah’s Ark…WW II (Our Lady of Fatima said war was a punishment for sin).

Our Lord told us through St. Faustina to trust in Him, so let us continue to hope for the day when people turn back to God.


You do not have to wonder. Justice is a divine perfection. Beg for mercy.


I am in a desperate situation. I am praying now. I was arrested for OUI and could lose my job and my family. I am so ashamed of myself and my actions that I could not even finish the lords prayer for fear of being hypocritical. I grew up Catholic and have always had my faith! My parents worked hard as intelligent people to raise us understanding that god was there for us.

I can pray now, but am fearful that I have gone too far. I get it now, but I am afraid I am too late. My situation seem hopeless in real world terms. The idea that “which does not kill us makes us stronger” does not apply for me right now. If I cannot get a not guilty on this arrest, I fear that my life will be changed in a way that my family does not deserve. I found this website to write an anonymous letter knowing that there really is nothing I can do right now. What’s done is done and now I fear that I must face my fate. If it were just me being affected, I think I could adjust, but knowing what my wife and two young boys face because of my actions is unbearable.


Please do not despair. For this too shall pass. I have been in similiar situations as yours (including essentially the identical situation). I know the feeling of hopelessness. What is important is your willingness to know you were wroong and to ask forgiveness, and very importantly, to do what is best for your family at this time. Which means to not despair and to move forward from this moment forward.

I sympathize with you. Pray and do what is right at this time. Be strong for the sake of your family.

This will pass and you will be fine.

God Bless you!

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