Is war with China inevitable

Nobody seems to be interested in what is happening in this area…while the US is bogged down in the Middle East and with Nth Korea…China is quietly asserting it’s influence and building up it’s military power…both China and Russia have already successfully tested hypersonic weapons while we (the US) are trying to catch up…China is fast overtaking the US as the worlds largest economic power…we’re going the same way as the Roman Empire…political fighting and instability…corruption…diminishing of traditional (Christian) values…an overstretched and weakened military…the rise of an Eastern empire (China)…we need to stop trying to police the world and concentrate on building our own defenses here in the US…just pray it isn’t already too late

The truth is that both sides can do quite a lot of damage if was breaks out. They can keep our ships further from shore, but they can still be touched. The big difference is that such a war will involve heavy casualties and lose of assets far above the asymmetric battles fought the last 2 decades. Maybe approaching WWII type losses.

Russia is more bogged down in the Middle East than we are, and China arguably has a lot more to fear from a conflict on the Korean peninsula than we do.

Be skeptical of Chinese and Russian weapons claims. Consider the performance of the S-400 just last week in Syria. The S-400 is Russia’s latest air defense system specifically designed to shoot down cruise missiles, among other things. Last week, the vaunted S-400 shot down a grand total of zero Tomahawk cruise missiles, which is 40+ year old tech. Or consider China’s 5th generation fighter, which still isn’t operational.

Political fighting and corruption are far worse in China than they are in the US, and while China may have a larger aggregate economy than the US, per capita, their economy is about 10% of ours.

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