Is watching a movie in a Church ok?


I have a concern to which I can find no answer. My prayer group are planning to screen The Passion of the Christ this week as we usually do prior to the Easter Triduum. The problem this year is that the room we usually use near the Church is occupied so those in charge have decided to show the movie in the main body of the Church itself. I know it can be a deeply spiritual movie but it is still a movie and personally I believe it’s not right to show it in the Church. Unfortunately the priest involved displays concerning attitudes to the faith at the best of times and since he’s ok with this, those in charge can see no problem. Does anyone have any info for me on this?



We have watched short presentations in Church about charitable organizations and I believe something in the line of religious education. Never a full movie before so I don’t know. I’m anxious to see what



have to say about this or one of the Deacons as well.

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Bad idea, just tacky. Show it in the hall if you must show it. Please, do not allow children!

Also, I would make sure the Church has obtained the proper licensing to show this movie publicly.

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The Passion of the Christ isn’t just “any” film.

This movie is more in the nature of a “video icon”, if there could be such a thing. I can’t think of any possible objection to this. The priest might remove the Blessed Sacrament from the tabernacle during the presentation.



Nothing at all wrong with showing this particular movie in the Church proper.

We have done it every year since it was available on DVD.

I think you should trust your priest.



I don’t think Passion of the Christ is just another movie. I thoroughly believe it is the work of the Holy Spirit for us to see. You should not view this movie with any entertainment value rather should have a spiritual approach. What I mean is you should not view it eating some chips lying on your couch. So I think it will be OK to view it in church with a “Spiritual” approach. Just my personal thoughts.


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