Is watching horror movies a sin?

I am really into movies, and I was wondering if it is a sin to watch horror films. One particular favorite is Let Me In, directed by Matt Reeves.

Not really…as a Catholic I think movies like the Exorcist make us look cool… :cool:

No to mention the Omen movies are aligned with scripture…and Rosemary’s baby also is aligned with Church doctrine…

It seems like it would depend on your motive. (not just the fact that you enjoy them, but why do you enjoy them?)

Just my :twocents:

I enjoy horror movies, and I don’t believe there is anything inherently sinful about watching them. I like them because I enjoy the suspense and the scariness, although frankly most of them turn out to be disappointingly un-scary. There seems to be a number of horror films that depict the Catholic Church in a negative light, but that seems to be the stereotype. It just shows that the film’s makers are ignorant. My biggest pet peeve with horror flicks is the excessive use of gore, especially when used to compensate for a poor storyline. To me, blood is not scary, it’s just gross! In any event, most of it is fiction and it’s entertainment only.

I]Spoiler Alert on “The Ring”
I’ve come to think it is to a point. I mean if it’s a thriller or suspense movie without all the gore and blood then yes I think it’s ok. I’ve come to look on the slasher films like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre as most definitely as sin to watch…not that I am interested or watch those in the first place. I did watch the Nightmare on Elm Street series but while they were slasher films they never seemed to take themselves too seriously but in any case I’ve stopped watching those as well. If it’s just a Ghost story like the Sixth Sense or The Others that’s probably ok unless it becomes a slasher type of film. I stopped watching scary movies after I saw the “The Ring” I thought having a child as the murder who enjoyed it and having to watch her be murdered by her mother was a new limit I didn’t want to go beyond. I’ve come to believe the extensive violence in horror films today is sort of the devil’s way of desensitizing us to brutality. That’s just my humble opinion.

Better not be because I love a good scare. Too bad you can’t find a good horror movie anymore. :frowning:


You might also enjoy the film Lat Den Ratte Komma In(Let the Right One In) which was partly the inspiration for Let Me In. There is also a novel available under either title – but be warned the novel is a lot stronger.

The original Halloween has very little gore and is more suspense thriller than slasher. Unfortunately it gave rise to the slasher genre.

Its not only a sin, but a grave one. Seriously, why are you watching the American remake when the original Swedish “Let the Right One In” is available streaming on netflix.

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