Is watching Will & Grace a sin?

I find it entertaining at least, and I do enjoy watching it, is it a bad thing that gay humour amuses me?

Thanks, God Bless, Aaron.

I can’t wait to see some of the responses to this. I love the show and I do not think it is a sin. That is ridiculous to me. Enjoy it!

When I was in college, I heard a man who had left the gay lifestyle speak. He said that he had loved watching “Will and Grace,” but that when he realized God’s plans for him and knew he needed to live chastely, he no longer enjoyed the show. He said that what he saw was no longer funny; it was sad. He knew the pain he had experienced as a gay man and understood the search for fulfillment that he could not find in that lifestyle – fulfillment that can only come from God.

As a college student, I watched “Will and Grace” weekly. Since that man’s witness, I have never been able to stomach it. I am not saying that it is a sin to watch the show, but I, personally, will never watch it again.

It is a sin.

Your profile doesn’t indicate if you are of any particular faith so why don’t we start with why you’d ask such a question?

I mean, why does it matter to you if it’s a sin or not? Knowing the answer to this will help us respond accordingly.

It would also help us to know what you know about ‘sin’ so far…what is your definition/understanding of sin?

What a shame.

It is a comedy show. It is not a sin to watch it.

It depends on the individual I would imagine whether watching this (or any other programs of various types, listening to particular music, reading particular books/magazines, looking at particular ‘art’) is objectively sinful-- but that doesn’t mean we should act as if this is ONLY a problem for those who find it so.

There are such things as occasions of sin, and they can differ between different people. But virtually anything–a comedy show included–can be an occasion of sin to SOMEBODY, in that it will cause a spiritual ‘climate’ if you will which can lead to sin. Many people can ‘resist’ the temptation, at least once. . .and think thereby that this particular ‘thing’ is thus ‘no temptation to them.’ But that ain’t necessarily so (apologies to Gershwin and Sportin’ Life here). And many people can ‘resist’ one genre and thus think that ‘everybody’ SHOULD be able to resist it as well. (Again, ain’t necessarily so).

We should be careful not to diminish the very REAL nature of sin in attempting to justify that ‘we’ have ‘no trouble’, whether it is watching a ‘comedy show’ or anything else and therefore that of COURSE it isn’t sinful, and those who worry are either scrupulous sheep or puritanical KILLJOYS. Be thankful if you are NOT tempted but don’t try to put the additional burden of derision on those who might be. I believe St. Paul had some very wise words about what we are to do for our fellow men when it comes to issues of temptation. He thought that we should take great care ourselves not to make things even more difficult for those struggling in such situations. I agree.

You tell me… Let me ask you this… Would you be friend the characters in this show? I mean if they were real people would you invite them into your home to hear them talk about their lives and “Joke around” in the presence of your family and other friends? If your answer is “No” then, why are you inviting them to your living room once a week for 30 minutes? (or every day, since they went into syndication.

In His love…

Your forgot - In My Opinion…I fixed that for ya :cool:

I wouldnt hang with Pacino as Scarface, Count Dracula, Wolfman, either…but I gladly invite them when I wanna watch a movie

There are hungry, homeless, imprisoned, oppressed, discriminated, etc, etc - and we are really on here debating if watching Will and Grace is a sin :confused: . Come on folks, lets handle the real issues.

Let buffalo speak for himself (or herself, as the case may be).

He said that what he saw was no longer funny; it was sad. He knew the pain he had experienced as a gay man and understood the search for fulfillment that he could not find in that lifestyle – fulfillment that can only come from God.

This has been my experience as well.

I also see this program, along with many others, as an attempt to assert the message that homosexual behavior is perfectly normal - funny, in fact. There is absolutely no balance in the representation of these characters. If a contrary point of view is presented, it is with such bias that one can only assume that all those who disagree with homosexual behavior are homophobic bigots. For me, this show is nothing more than propaganda dressed up like entertainment. There is nothing that represents my, or any Catholic’s, point of view.

We face this enough in our culture every day. Why would I ever want to voluntarily participate in this by watching it on TV?

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

Sin? Naaah.


First of all, other than flat out gay sex, there is no such thing as ‘homosexual behavior’. My roommate is gay and you’d never know.

If by ‘homosexual behavior’ you mean the open acknowledgment of ones homosexuality, it IS completely normal.

Because if Will and Grace included a Catholic character that believed homosexuality was a choice, and could be changed, it’d overshadow the rest of the comedy on the show.

I’m not sure what your point is.

The OP asked a question regarding the morality of watching a program that normalizes the homosexual lifestyle. He would be looking for a Catholic response.


Dracula, Wolfman... Fictional characters the possibility of having them over at your home are very slim. You might find some Goth outthere that might be into that sort of thing, so would you hang with them? 

Scarface on the other hand… At the time this movie was filmed it had the highest rate of “F-word” per foot of film, than any other movie ever filmed. If you do not use profanity in your home, I ask again… Why invite some that does? If you do not care then… Is a free country, knock yourself out.

In His love

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CathCentrist…again…you took the words right off my keyboard! I agree! :thumbsup:

You’re assuming I dont use profanity…I DO.

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