Is wearing white shirts a sin?

Is the see thru ability with white shirts make it a sin to wear them? Modesty is a must.

It not immodest just to wear a shirt of any color. It all depends on what you can see through the shirt that would determine that.

Not all white shirts are see-through and there is no problem wearing those. If they are see-through why not wear a camisole underneath or a very lightweight sleeveless undershirt?

My Protestant friend told me that someone mentioned to his pastor that it was indecent for a man to wear a shirt with short sleeves.

Who is that “someone”? :rolleyes:

If you are female and your white shirt is a thin one, either purchase a bra that is the same color as your skin tone and/or wear a camisole or tank top under the blouse. That way, you have yourself covered and also won’t have to worry about the fashion faux pas of a white bra showing through. If you are male, choose a white shirt made from a quality material so that the “see-through” factor isn’t an issue, since wearing a camisole under the shirt really isn’t appropriate for a guy. If it is a dress shirt, a tank or t-shirt can and should be worn if the shirt is a thin one.


In Haredi Orthodox Jewish communities, short-sleeve shirts for men are usually not worn since it is prohibited to expose too much skin, which includes elbows and knees. The concept of modesty and humility applies in dress and behavior to both men and women.

Only with a tie… :wink:

Millions of male office workers from the '50’s through the 80’s have just been consigned to the Infernal Regions…


Lots of Mormon missionaries sure will be in trouble LOL.

If you are not modestly covered beneath the white see-through shirt, then it is scandalous to wear it. God bless you.

Forget modesty, in terms of just fashion sense, if you can see through your shirt, please get a better shirt.

It’s not the color, it’s the fabric. You can still see thru green, blue, yellow, purple, brown, red and orange shirts if they are made from light, see thru fabric. :shrug:



You beat me to it. :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

Words from a sign on the door of San Giovanni Rotondo:

    The Church is the house of God. It is forbidden for men to enter with bare arms or in shorts.

first of all are you a man or a woman, because if you are a man i think there is less problem if at all.

my rule would be, never wear something that you would not use without underwear.

Only after Labor Day.

I thought Americans had a constitutional right to bare arms?

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